Game News More than 5 years later, he discovers a very disturbing detail in Red Dead Redemption 2

Game news More than 5 years later, he discovers a very disturbing detail in Red Dead Redemption 2

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In Red Dead Redemption II, a player discovered a more than disturbing peculiarity regarding the cult of the Chelonians, and there’s a good chance you’ve never noticed it!

Rockstar is known for filling its titles to the maximum with small details sometimes discreet, and sometimes well hidden. Most of these elements often go unnoticed by the majority of players, intended to only appear during very specific scenarios. In Red Dead Redemption II, it is this attention paid to elements, even minor ones, which allows players to make new discoveries almost six years after the release of their games.

Angel jumping

In a clip posted to Reddit by a user named PotatoCase, he shoots the leader of the Chelonian cult during one of their ritual masses. What happens next is mind-blowing: each member of the sect runs towards the cliffside and jumps without hesitation to certain death.

In the comments of the post, the player also indicates that he tried to stop them, multiplying the save loads. However, and despite his attempts, they end up irremediably throwing themselves towards their own death. Another user asked him what was going on, if we managed to shoot them in the legs before their leap of faith. PotatoCase He then replies that the cultists, undoubtedly motivated by faith, always achieve their ends.

Always something to discover

The Red Dead Redemption series has always been known for its NPCs with very marked and even strange behaviors. All these details contribute to the game’s seamless reputation, continuing to make people talk about him without tiring the players. No matter how many times they restart their game, there is no doubt thatthey will always find a new interaction, a new character or a new easter egg to revive their interest in the title.

Many players are pining for a sequel, each with their own little theory regarding a new iteration. If Arthur Morgan’s voice actor, Roger Clark, declared that a sequel was a certainty, Rockstar’s priority today is on Grand Theft Auto 6, planned for 2025.

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