Game news Sony under pressure to release God of War and its sequel Ragnarök on PC?

Game News Sony under pressure to release God of War and its sequel Ragnarök on PC?

While the formidable God of War has just arrived on PC, Game Informer magazine had the privilege of interviewing the director of the game, Cory Barlog. And during the interview, the latter made a surprising revelation. When Sony announced that some of the best PlayStation games were coming to PC, many were taken aback. But according to the interested party, it was not in the plans of the Japanese giant.

In the interview, Game Informer returns to the contours of the release of God of War (2018) on PC. The creative director of the Santa Monica studio then took the opportunity to release a surprising info :

I think the studios as a whole said that it was a very good idea (Editor’s note: to release the games on PC) and that we should discuss it. Finally, at some point, there was a tipping point. We sent so many proposals to the suggestion box that they ended up saying to themselves: “We are tired of hearing all this. », « Ok, we will do it. !

You would have understood it. Sony gave in to the pressure of the countless missives they received regularly from their home studios. As a developer, it’s always more interesting to have your game on several platforms and we can imagine that Santa Monica was delighted to learn that the adventures of Kratos and Atreus were going to land on PC.

Remain an unknown? What about God of War: Ragnarok?

Game Informer took the opportunity to ask Cory Barlog the question. Although the latter is not directly involved in the sequel to God of War (the director of God of War: Ragnarok is Eric Williams), he has an overview of the activities of the Santa Monica studio as creative director of the American entity. And the latter is clear: for the moment, nothing is planned.

I’ve no idea. Right now, we’re taking one game at a time, focusing on it and deciding, “Okay, is this choice the best?” Then we assess the situation. “Do people like it? “, “Did we make the right decision? “Did we do something wrong?” », « What can we do to do better in the future? “. The reality is that in the end, there is only one decision: Sony’s.

As you will have understood, the idea of ​​a God of War: Ragnarök on PC is not stupid, but there will certainly be a long wait between the game’s release on the PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 consoles and its coming to PC. That said, by then, Sony’s position could change because at the time of writing, God of War is at the top of sales on Steam and this proves that there is a very strong expectation.

Sources : Game Informer

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