Game News Thanks to Twitch you can get one of the video games from this unique saga for free. that cannot be refused!

Game news Thanks to Twitch you can get one of the video games from this unique saga for free. that cannot be refused!

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This month of February, thanks to Twitch, Prime subscribers can pick up this absolutely cult game.

It’s time for those who have a Twitch Prime subscription to collect their free keys for the month! Released in 1997, the very first episode of the Fallout saga is currently available to Amazon Prime subscribers, the opportunity to rediscover the post-apocalyptic role-playing game that helped shape the CRPG genre. “The Fallout SPECIAL system features radically different character types, insightful decision-making, and evolution that puts you in complete control“, we can read on the sheet of this game which invites you, among other things, to explore the dangers of devastated ruins of the golden age of a civilization, to fight mutants and to join camps. We had granted the nice score of 19/20 to the game, stating that “A hundred pages would not be enough to describe the full potential of the game. It is clearly a pearl of video games, an old-school RPG which is still entirely playable today. Excellent for its dark and offbeat post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the hit is based on ultra-permissive gameplay. Both thugs who like to smash everything that moves and pacifists can find what they’re looking for there.”. In short, if you want to try a classic, it’s now.

Free Prime games in February

To recover the title on Prime Gaming, you need to install the GOG Galaxy application, only available on Windows PC, create an account there, click on “Add games and friends”, then on “Redeem a GOG code”, and thus enjoy Fallout.

This February, Prime members are treated to a handful of other games including Breakout Recharged, Missile Command: Recharged, Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders — Collector’s Edition, Tempest 4000, Blade Assault and Gravitar: Rechargedas well as content for a few other popular titles like PUBG: Battlegrounds (Chicken Dinner Booster Pack), League of Legends (Prime Gaming Capsule), Lost Ark (Second Anniversary Pack), and Pokémon Go (Ultra Balls and a Golden Razz Berry).

That’s not all, Prime Gaming members can also play the following games for free on Amazon Luna in February: Inertial Drift, Garfield Lasagna Party, Kunai, Inside My Radio, Jackbox Party Pack 10, Fortnite, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing , Fortnite Festival and Trackmania. A list provided by press release by Amazon.

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