Game News This world record on this RPG can never be beaten! A speedrunner registers in first place forever

Game news This world record on this RPG can never be beaten! A speedrunner registers in first place forever

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A speedrunner has managed to take first place on the leaderboard on one of the most famous RPG series, and his record can never be broken again! This player will forever be part of the annals of his favorite game.

Eternal record

A few weeks ago, a player managed to get a speedrunning world record. If the information itself is not necessarily incredible at first glance, know that this player can never be beaten again! And for good reason, the game’s servers shut down just after his performance! This one comes to us from the speedrunner @YMG-Cand was made on Xenoblade Chronicles X, but more specifically on its online mode, which allowed players to launch a series of various squad missions.

This performance is so eternal that it comes from a Wii U title, whose servers shut down almost 2 months ago, on April 8. In fact, the title never left the console, despite fans’ pleas regarding a port or a complete remaster for the Nintendo Switch. If many are hoping for a re-release on the next version of Big N recently announced, like Xenoblade Chronicles released on Wii and returned to Switch, nothing suggests such an announcement from Nintendo. While waiting for a possible contraindication, @YMG-C may have forever etched his name in the speedrunning history of the title.

The survivors

Interestingly, post X sharing YMG-C’s performance didn’t come from just anyone. If the nickname @xc_omoroid doesn’t mean anything to you, know thathe was one of the players who managed to stay connected to the servers, weeks after their closure. The latter was also on Xenoblade Chronicles and would undoubtedly have been the only one still capable of beating said speedrun, but that’s not the case.

Still, three players remain active on the online servers of three Wii U titles, refusing to turn off their console, whether it’s @Fishguy6564 on Mario Kart 7, @SlitherySheep on Super Mario Maker or even @Lcd101 on the first Splatoon. The latter, in fact, continues to share his activity on the title, explaining in particular that the store is still accessible for example.

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