Game news While waiting for the PS6, what will be the best console to play GTA 6? This video game giant would have its own idea

Game news While waiting for the PS6, what will be the best console to play GTA 6? This video game giant would have his own idea

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While PlayStation’s latest results have been a bit disappointing, industry analysts believe that Sony could release a new console very soon. Perfect for GTA 6?

The PS5 Pro starting this year? In any case, this is what analysts interviewed by CNBCin an article published two days ago… “There seems to be a broad consensus in the gaming industry on the fact that Sony is indeed preparing the launch of a PS5 Pro during the second half of 2024”, explains Serkan in particular Toto, CEO of consultancy Tokyo Kantan Games. “And Sony will want to make sure it has great hardware when GTA 6 comes out in 2025”. After all, at the time of the PS4, the “Pro” model arrived three years after the base model – and today we are in the same period for the next-gen console, released in November 2020. What’s more is, the presentation of the “Switch 2” is expected this year | Microsoft recently mentioned its next generation, which would mark “the greatest technical leap ever seen” between two machines.

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A particular context

The analysts’ thesis occurs in a particular context. Last week, Sony presented the results for the third quarter of the current fiscal year, and it’s not all rosy! PlayStation originally planned to sell 25 million PS5s between April 2023 | March 2024, it is currently at 16.4 million. Therefore, the objectives have been revised downwards. The aim is now to reach 21 million copies sold next month. A goal which remains, despite everything, quite ambitious.

Additionally, Sony expects a gradual decline in sales of the PS5 – as the console enters the “second half of its life cycle”. Wouldn’t this be the ideal time to renew the appeal of the machine (sales of which remain, despite everything, solid)? You will have to be patient. For now, the Japanese company has not let slip any clue about this possible Pro model which – according to rumors – could display 4K / 120 frames per second thanks to technology equivalent to Nvidia’s DLSS. As a reminder, PlayStation released its “Slim” PS5 a few months ago.

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