Game of Thrones: like Jon Snow, could Daenerys return in a spin-off?

The Game of Thrones universe will soon expand with several spin-off series. Could one of these projects be interested in the mother of the Dragons, Daenerys? This is what his interpreter, Emilia Clarke, thinks.

Since it was announced that a spin-off on Jon Snow was in development under the aegis of his interpreter Kit Harington, many fans have been wondering if other characters from the original series adapted from the work of George RR Martin could also be entitled to new adventures.

If we imagine that some stars of Game of Thrones would not be against such projects, this is not the case for all. Asked by the BBC on the possibility that she will one day take over the role of Daenerys in a spin-off, Emilia Clark has indeed responded firmly:

No, I think I’m done.

The actress has therefore definitely put her character behind her, but that does not mean that she never wants to hear about the series that revealed her to the world. The proof, she intends to watch House of the Dragon, the show on the origins of House Targaryen, the broadcast of which will begin on August 22 on OCS in France.

It’s gonna be so weird. I’m going to watch this as a new viewer because it’s set a bunch of years before our show so it’s going to be different“, she confided.

And indeed, the series in which we will find in particular Paddy Considine, Matt Smith or Olivia Cooke will take place 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones and will chronicle the rise and fall of the House of Daenerys.

The House of the Dragon trailer:

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