Games for couples: the best ideas for fun for two

Are you looking for nice games for couples? You will find lots of ideas here – from question-and-answer games to board games. We were also looking for a couple of erotic games for you …

Card games for couples

Fog of Love

A pure 2-player game in which the two can slip into a different relationship. How does it work? The players draw scene cards, which the participants, either together or alone, have before a choice. How do these decisions affect the couple’s happiness and future? Find out for yourself! Playing time from Fog of Love (Pegasus Games) about 60 minutes (possibly longer).


At the card game Hanamikoji you woo the favor of geishas. You are Japanese restaurant owners who want to increase your reputation with the entertainment skills of a geisha. But only one of you can win with wise decisions. One round takes about 15 minutes.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Are you Lord of the Rings fans? Here you can completely immerse yourself in the world and fight your way together through adventures in Middle-earth. A playing time “The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Starterbox” (Fantasy Flight Games) takes about 60 minutes.

Board games for two

Arler earth

Those who find escape from the city too much in reality can live out their love of the countryside elsewhere: This purely two-player game takes you to the time around 1800 in the village of Arler. Breeding animals, cultivating fields or expanding dykes – you should bring some time with you in this complex strategy game. For a game “Arler Erde” (Tierra del Fuego Games) you should plan about 1 to 2 hours per game.

The castles of Burgundy

Instead of arable land, you prefer to lead your own lands to prosperity and prestige as a prince – that’s what you do in “The castles of Burgundy” (Ravensburger). A game with great replay appeal. Playing time for two is about 60 to 75 minutes.

Exit – the game

With this game the Escape Room comes to your home. How do you make it back home from the enchanted forest or through the gateway between the worlds? This fun is unique – in the truest sense of the word: The Exit games (Kosmos Verlag) can only be played once. But real game fans don’t mind, the selection is big enough. And besides, you will definitely find other game crazy people with whom you can swap the game! Depending on the game, you need about 45 to 90 minutes.

Game snacks for in between

Games that don’t last long and can be played in between:


City-Country-River can also be fun for two! Especially if you don’t stick to the standard categories. How about “reason for marriage”, “red food” or “philosophers”? You can find more fun city, country, river categories here.

Four wins

A classic game for two people that encourages logical thinking and can be played over and over! There is also a more environmentally friendly one Bamboo variant, e.g. B. from pandoo.

truth or Dare

Everyone knows the classic, maybe from their own teenage party. The player has to decide: truth or Dare? Depending on what the person chooses, they either get a task that they have to fulfill or they have to answer a question truthfully.

Playing with the partner

Games for two with depth

Question game “Say – For Couples”

With this question game you can get to know each other even better and further strengthen your relationship. “Did I hurt you this week without even realizing it” or “How do you feel safe in my presence” are, for example, questions that you answer one another. “Say – for couples” is a game for intimate times for two.

Filling books for couples

What do you love about each other, what goals do you have as a couple or what defines you as a couple – filling out a filler book together and recording your memories will certainly bring you closer together. “Why I love you” (Jana Mühlstein, self-published, 2020), “Dearest favorite person – a very special declaration of love” (Edition Michael Fischer / EMF Verlag, 2018) or “222 Reasons I Love You” (Riva, 2019) are a few examples of such fill-in books.

Are you looking for inspiration? Here are 101 reasons why I love you.

8 erotic games for couples

Erotic truth or dare

For the erotic variant, a little more can be turned up and the questions and tasks should be much more tingling. Admit it to buy or you think of your own hot tasks for your sweetheart.

“MySecretGame” board game

The erotic board game asks the couple questions and tasks via app that they have to solve. It starts harmlessly and increases more and more … With this game you can playfully test your limits. By the way: MySecretGame can be played in pairs, but also in groups of three or four.

Strip poker

If you can play poker, you can Poker game spice up something. Each time a round is lost, the player must take off a piece. Anyone who is naked loses (or wins …)

Love dice

at erotic dice games you have the choice, for example you play with a sex position dice (and then try it out 😉) or with a set of two dice: the first determines the area of ​​the body (e.g. lips or buttocks), the second determines the activity (e.g. kissing or licking).

Kamasutra games

If Mau Mau or quartet, with sparkling Kamasutra positions your game will get really hot!

“5 Seconds – not suitable for minors”

The partner provides a task from the card (e.g. “Name three things you shout out loud during sex”) and the other has to give three answers within five seconds – with “5 Seconds – not suitable for young people” (Megableu) Laughter and flushed cheeks are guaranteed.

A touch of BDSM

If you feel like leaving your familiar terrain, a light version of bondage might be a nice idea for you. You can do this with a finished play set get hold of a feather, a blindfold, rope and playing cards. Or you can try out what you have first (e.g. sleep mask and silk ribbons).

Role play

You can try out your hottest fantasies in role-playing games. Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf, two strangers in the bar or star and groupie – whatever role-playing games turn you on during sex.

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