GameStop hype on the crypto market: Memecoins are increasing strongly

In this article you will learn:

  • Why the stock market is going crazy after Keith Gill’s return
  • What parallels there are to the 2021 short squeeze
  • Which cryptocurrencies benefit from the GameStop hype

Keith Gill is once again keeping the stock market world in suspense. After a break from broadcasting for almost three years, the financial analyst known under his pseudonym “Roaring Kitty” announced his comeback with a mysterious post on Twitter successor X. Pictured in it: A person leaning forward, holding a game controller. The message is that the games can begin again. And they did.

As a reminder: In 2021, GameStop hit the headlines when small investors bought up the video game chain’s shares en masse and thus rebelled against short sellers. Hedge funds like Melvin Capital lost billions. The driving force behind it was Keith Gill, who started the uprising on the Reddit forum Wallstreetbets as “DeepFuckingValue”. His return on social media fueled wild speculation and once again caused the GameStop share price to rise by several hundred percent. But not just there. Memecoins are pumping as much as they can on the crypto market. With wild price increases of sometimes several thousand percent – ​​if things go well.

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