Gardening: 7 Typical Gardening Mistakes That Are Easy To Avoid

You should definitely avoid these 7 gardening mistakes

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Mistakes in the garden can be dangerous to health, annoy others, harm nature or even cost a lot of money. With our tips you will learn to avoid them.

Spray pesticides

Nobody likes unwanted visitors in the garden. In order to take action against them, we like to use chemical agents. But in doing so we damage the soil, the plants, and ultimately ourselves. The poisons get into the groundwater through the soil. Care should be taken with the ingredient glyphosate in particular – the active ingredient is considered to be carcinogenic. Alternatively, you can pull weeds by hand or use organic pesticides.

Be wasteful with water

Plants need water – no question about it. But neither should they be overwatered. If you still want a lush green lawn, you should use rainwater. In addition, it should be poured at the right time. Studies have shown that 90 percent of the lawn sprinklers, for example, evaporate directly unused at noon. Therefore, watering should be done in the morning and evening hours.

Choose cheap plants

Flowers and ornamental plants from DIY stores and supermarkets are often contaminated with pesticides that are endangered by bees in Europe. According to Greenpeace study 79 percent of the ornamental plants examined contained dangerous substances for the livestock. Accordingly, we should think twice about whether we should pick up the bargains and, if in doubt, ask the seller. A good alternative: We support the local gardener – we can specifically ask about the use of pesticides.

Use garden soil with peat

This fault not only affects the quality of the garden soil, but soil with peat is also bad for the environment. Plants and small animals are destroyed by the peat. Therefore, peat-free potting soil should be used.

Use artificial fertilizer

Without fertilizer there is usually no lush lawn or magnificent flowers. But stay away from artificial fertilizers. It does more harm than good. Plants become more vulnerable and in the long run you destroy the soil with them. Therefore, you should use organic fertilizers such as compost or humus.

Use a leaf blower

A leaf blower or vacuum is loud and annoying – but even worse: it consumes unnecessary energy. He also eats everything that comes in his way, including useful small animals. So you shouldn’t be too lazy and do the math.

Feeding birds incorrectly

If you want to do something good for the little birds with food, you should also use the right food and not cheap tit dumplings (they must be free from ambrosia). You should also make sure that you only buy well-designed bird houses. The feed must not get wet and the birds must not be able to run around in the feed – and thus eat their droppings with them.

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Warning !: You should definitely avoid these 7 gardening mistakes