Garou, in mourning, lost his mentor: “He just died”

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In the latest issue of Gala released this Thursday, December 1, Garou opened up in an interview with Nikos Aliagas. The singer revealed he was in mourning over the loss of a close friend.

Garou fans had the pleasure of seeing him on the Star Academy set a few weeks ago, on Saturday November 5. This last had agreed to be the accomplice of Julien, who took stock of his sentimental life, to develop a very nice surprise. Indeed, the partner of Hélène Ségara in Notre Dame of Parishad replaced the academician in order to sing Downwind with Anisha, the big winner of the season, who suspected nothing.

However, despite his legendary good humor and his more than successful last performance, the interpreter of Only at least the smile for a few days. This Thursday, December 1, the latest issue of Gala, in which readers can find a long interview with Garou conducted by his friend Nikos Aliagas. It was during this most intimate interview that Celine Dion’s friend announced terrible news.

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Garou “It touched me a lot”

Indeed, Garou confessed be in mourning for several days. One of his closest friends, the one he also calls his mentor, has passed away. It is his lawyer, Léopold Fournier : “He just passed away. He received medical assistance in dying, confided Garou to Nikos Aliagas during his interview for the last issue of Gala. He then resumed, deeply saddened: “We called him ‘the lawyer of the stars, the star of the lawyers’. He called me just before he left, ten days ago. It touched me enormously. I hope he will come back to us like a jedi masterhe confessed.

The Canadian singer returned in this year 2022 with a new album titled Garou plays Dassinand had also confided on this subject to Radio Mélodie: “These are the first songs I heard, because my parents listened to him a lot. In the car, we sang Joe Dassin songs with the family, and (…) as soon as I start my tours again, I sing Joe Dassin. For 1 year, on the new show I did, I did a Joe Dassin medley that works like hell. The whole audience sings, everyone is fulland then, that’s what gave me the desire, the idea to make this album”he confided.


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