Gary Sinise: “Forrest Gump” star mourns his son

Gary Sinise
“Forrest Gump” star mourns the loss of his son

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“Heartbreaking and just damn difficult”: This is how actor Gary Sinise describes the loss of his son McCanna Anthony.

The American actor Gary Sinise, 68, lost his son. McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise died at the age of just 33 after a long battle with cancer.

Gary Sinise announces the death of his son

As the “Forrest Gump” star announced in a touching statement, his son died on January 5, 2024. The news was posted Tuesday on the Gary Sinise Foundation homepage and on his Instagram page. Alongside a picture of Mac laughing, the actor wrote that his son was diagnosed with a “very rare cancer” – chordoma – on August 8, 2018. Chordomas are malignant tumors of the spine and skull base.

Gary Sinise’s wife also had cancer

Sinise also shared that the illness came just a few months after his wife Moira Harris, 69, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. While Moira went into remission and remained cancer-free after treatment, Mac’s disease spread over time and left him “increasingly disabled over time.”

Sinise recalled that his son was “an exceptional drummer.” He often accompanied his famous father, who also plays in a band. The deceased was a graduate of the University of Southern California and studied songwriting and composition in addition to his drumming. Gary Sinise wrote that his son underwent five different spinal surgeries between 2018 and 2020 and was paralyzed from the chest down due to the disease’s effects on his body. Despite these restrictions, he still worked on the album “Resurrection & Revival”. “The week the album went to press, Mac lost his battle with cancer. He died on January 5, 2024 at 3:25 p.m. and was buried on January 23.”

“As a parent, it’s so hard to lose a child”

Gary Sinise described his grief with these touching words: “Like any family that suffers such a loss, we are heartbroken and have managed as best as we can. As parents, losing a child is so difficult.” It was “heartbreaking and just damn difficult.” He emphasized: “Our family’s battle with cancer lasted five and a half years and became increasingly difficult as time went on. While our hearts hurt to miss him, we are comforted to know that Mac is no longer struggling and are inspired and “Most moved by how he did it. He fought an uphill battle against incurable cancer but never gave up trying.”

Gary Sinise and Moira Harris have been married since 1981. In addition to Mac, they have two daughters. The actor is known from many Hollywood productions such as “Forrest Gump”, “Apollo 13” and “The Green Mile”.

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