Gas bottles suspected – sensitive fire in Klagenfurt workshop

The Klagenfurt fire brigades had to move out to the Welzenegg district on Tuesday evening. A fire broke out in the workshop of a well-known bodywork company.

“Employees had sounded the alarm,” reports spokesman Wolfgang Germ from the Klagenfurt professional fire brigade. For reasons that are still unknown, a fire broke out in the Aspernig bodywork workshop in Klagenfurt-Welzenegg. “We had to carry out an external and internal attack with heavy respiratory protection. The operation was not entirely without risk, after all, gas cylinders had to be suspected in the building,” Germ continued. Thanks to the rapid deployment of the fire brigade, the fire was quickly contained and worse was prevented. Luckily, no one got hurt. Control work is currently being carried out using a thermal imaging camera.
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