Gasoline and diesel prices: how do you arrive at the amount displayed at the pump?

ZOOM – Diesel fuel is at its highest at the start of 2022. From the tanker to the service station, who are the players involved in the price displayed at the pump? In fact, not everyone benefits from this increase.

Fuels continue to increase: 1.58 euros for diesel, 1.65 euros for unleaded 95, a price at its highest since 1985, according to average readings carried out by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. But how is the price of gasoline determined? The TF1 newscast takes stock in the video at the top of this article.

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Soaring energy prices

45 euro cents per litre: this is the base price at which crude oil is sold to us by supertankers and specialized companies. A price that has not stopped rising, since once it has arrived on our soil, it must be refined. The raw product is thus transformed into fuel oil, lead-free or kerosene, depending on the needs. A step that represents eight euro cents per litre. Between salaries, investments and operating costs, a refiner today makes almost no profit.

The products are then transported to the service station closest to you. In addition to payroll and transportation cost, distributors must also add bio-fuel. A step that cost per liter at the pump: 19 cents, on average.

Taxes that make the price explode

A point on which the attendants have very little room for manoeuvre. Fuels often represent a loss leader for large retailers. A price war that increasingly encourages major brands to sell these fuels at cost.

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Last, but not least, taxes. They represent 87 cents when it comes to diesel. The account is good, by adding all the intermediate costs, the fuels thus reach a level never before reached: 1.59 € per litre.

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