Gaspard Kœnig: to finish with the president!

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In a book, the liberal essayist advocates the abolition of the election of the head of state by universal suffrage. Bruno Retailleau and Éric Ciotti react.

By Jerome Cordelier

The liberal essayist Gaspard Kœnig.

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To force to want to simplify everything, the liberal Gaspard Kœnig now wants to cut off the head of the President of the Republic. For the creative essayist, who was unable to run for president for lack of signatures from elected officials, the exacerbated presidentialism to which the practice of V leads leads.e Post-Gaullian republic ruins the dynamics of the nation. In the Kœnig institutional system, described in his new essay, against one – nod to La Boétie –, the Head of State, not elected by universal suffrage, would thus limit himself to issuing “opinions, sometimes firm, but not instructions”, according to the formula of the constitutionalist Georges Vedel; and the government would hold the helm of the executive.

Gaspard Kœnig proposes a return to an assembly system, as the Debré project of 1958 wanted…

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