Gates and spectacles fed up: wonderfully crazy Bundesliga thrills fans

Tired of gates and spectacles
Wonderfully crazy Bundesliga delights fans

Posted by Ben Redelings

There is one thing that you really can’t blame the Bundesliga for at the moment: it really isn’t boring! What was offered on the nine top division places in the republic at the weekend had a high entertainment value. Tired of goals, records and many heated situations.

7: 1, 0: 6, 3: 2 and 2: 3. The last Bundesliga weekend was fed up with goals. A total of 41 hits were scored in the nine games. A whopping 4.5 on average per game. In the biggest goal drought season, the 1989/90 season, there were just under 2.6 hits per encounter. The Bundesliga had a lot more to offer at the weekend. And in addition to the series of goals, there were also some records, many heated situations and many curiosities to marvel at. In short: This is how football is fun even on dull winter days!


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Anyone who switched into the game between Borussia Mönchengladbach and SC Freiburg too late on Sunday evening rubbed their eyes. The 0: 5 after 25 minutes at the top of the screen could only be a technical error, the inclined soccer fan had to believe. This is exactly what DAZN commentator Marco Hagemann thought when he explained in a calm voice to the viewers who later joined the audience that everything was already correct. Despite these words, the disbelief continued to run deep. Because not only the sports director of Borussia, Max Eberl, probably asked the question of all questions of this day: “What kind of shit is going on here right now?”

Fascinating theater in Borussia Park

And yet, or precisely because of this, one can enthusiastically determine with a night of sleep in between: This first half of Mönchengladbach has not only gone down in the history of German football – it also offered an impressive and so rarely experienced spectacle. Because the regular camera pans on the bench of the foal eleven presented faces from the fascinating world of the theater. The facial expressions of the players and officials showed the complete suffering of this sporty, cruel afternoon for the Gladbach team. The historic defeat of Borussia was somewhat like a car accident: it is better not to look, but you still can’t turn your head.

The six goals in Mönchengladbach were exceeded this weekend by the eight goals in Leverkusen. Against Greuther Fürth, the Bayer-Elf played themselves into a frenzy – and sent a pitiful opponent home with a Tipp-Kick result. The sporting drama about the Franks is now taking on grotesque proportions.

Oh, you wonderful Bundesliga

Only one puny point and a goal difference of minus 34 after fourteen games allow almost no fair comparisons to Tasmania Berlin. And yet the situation in Fürth is as described by the Berlin international, Horst Szymaniak, more than 55 years ago with a lot of wit and sarcasm in his voice, when he was asked how it would feel like being the bottom of the table: “Everything is wonderful. We’re whipping the entire Bundesliga in front of us!”

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But in addition to the many goals, there were also many small and large stories that caused a stir. Whether it was the dismissal of Jesse Marsch as a coach in Leipzig, Tayfun Korkut’s entry as a coach at Hertha in Stuttgart or of course the top match between BVB and Bayern on Saturday evening – at the moment the Bundesliga offers a cornucopia of exciting headlines and stories.

And that’s just as well. Because the colorful spectacle on the green lawn provides some amusement on those dreary winter days, when the time between sunrise and sunset is getting shorter and shorter. The bright spotlight on football at the weekend can therefore be as sensational and entertaining as it is on the wonderfully crazy Bundesliga at the moment.

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