Gauges in political meetings: which candidates will adhere to them?

Victor Chabert, edited by Solène Delinger
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6:48 a.m., December 29, 2021

Jean Castex announced Monday evening the return of the gauges, set at 2,000 people maximum indoors and 5,000 outdoors. This rule, which does not apply to political meetings, turns out to be a real headache for the candidates. Should the meetings be canceled? Respect the gauges even if they are not compulsory? Or continue democratic time?

The measure cringes many artists and embarrasses politicians. On Monday evening, the Prime Minister announced the return of the gauges for major events. If this rule impacts the concerts of singers, and the shows of comedians, it does not apply to political meetings. Result: the candidates do as they see fit.

No risk taking on the left

There are those who have decided to respect the gauges, such as the presidential majority. La République En Marche will apply these rules to all its events. On the left, Anne Hidalgo was already asking for health passes and wearing a mask. She is therefore not going to change her line. Yannick Jadot, the environmental candidate, will only make small gatherings to avoid the risks.

On the side of Valérie Pécresse, two lines clash. There are those who want to show responsibility and those who prefer to maintain the meetings. The LR candidate has still not made large gatherings. She had even canceled the one planned after her appointment because of the epidemic.

No change at Zemmour

Others decide not to change anything, to continue the big meetings, like Eric Zemmour, with compulsory mask and not recommended health. “There is no reason to respect something that is not requested,” said Olivier Ubeda, its events director, at the microphone of Europe 1. “We will therefore stick to that”.

Candidates can also choose to have their meeting outside to limit the risks. But this option is more difficult to sound, therefore more expensive. And, the risk of bad weather between January and April is strong. This track is therefore not favored by anyone for the moment.

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