GDPR: new fine of 5.5 million euros for Meta

The tech giant must pay a new fine in Europe for violating the European data regulation (RGPD) with its WhatsApp messaging.

The amount of the fine is 5.5 million euros. The sanctioning body, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which acts on behalf of the EU, believes that the digital giant has failed to meet its “transparency obligations”.

Meta was relying on an erroneous legal basis “for its processing of personal data for the purposes of improving the service and security” indicates the regulator. Meta at 6 months to get in order.

Rain of sanctions

This sanction is based on the same grounds as the sanctions announced in early January against Facebook and Instagram. Meta has announced its intention to appeal these sanctions, and has asserted that they do not prevent targeted or personalized advertising.

Privacy group Noyb, which initiated the case, had accused Meta of reinterpreting the consent set out in the GDPR so that users of the services cannot opt ​​out of targeted advertising.

Meta has already been fined 405 million euros in September for shortcomings in the processing of minors’ data and in November fined 265 million euros for not having sufficiently protected the data of its users. .

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