Gender: here are the 5 "sexual personalities", What’s yours ?

Why are some people excited by this or that stimuli and others not? Why does desire emanate from different sources depending on the people? This could be explained by the existence of several types ofErotic Blueprint ™, term that we have translated as “sexual personalities”. There are 5 different types, according to sex therapist Jaiya Ma. She has developed a quiz which allows to develop a “excitement plan” revealing your erotic language.

From questions on your desires and your sexual practices, the quiz classifies you in one of the 5 sexual personalities defined by the sexologist. Why be interested in it? For the specialist, know her “type” of sexual personality allows you to get to know yourself better, to be aware of your desires and thus, to transmit them to your partner. It can also be useful in order to better understand the desire of the other person, who may have a “sexual personality” different. In the magazine article Well and Good, Ally Jewel, a coach specializing in Erotic Blueprint ™, details each of the personalities.

1 / The “energetic” personality

The hallmark of an “energetic” personality is that she is turned on by foreplay and needs to feel secure. “She feels the excitement all over her body and he can have orgasms without penetration or tactile stimulation, just because of the energy that emanates from both bodies.”, says coach Ally Jewel. If you spend a lot of time in foreplay and enjoy experimenting with sex toys or other accessories, you certainly have an “energetic” personality.

2 / Personality “sensual”

A personality “sensual” “needs to feel relaxed to have sex”, explains Jewel. She is stimulated by sensations through all her senses: touch, hearing, taste, smell … If you have to create an environment to be excited, with good music, good light, a good smell … You might have a “sensual” personality.

3 / The so-called “sexual” personality

“The ‘sexual’ person needs to have sex to feel relaxed, indicates the specialist. For the ‘sexual’, the excitement comes very quickly. Just seeing someone they are attracted to, watching porn can turn them on “. This arousal is concentrated on the genitals, “whereas for example, the energetic can have areas outside the body which excite it”, compares coach Ally Jewel.

4 / The “naughty” personality

The “naughty” personality exhibits a desire that is “activated by all that is taboo for the person concerned”, notes coach Ally Jewel. So it depends on each one. For example, “If someone has only had missionary sex their entire life and then discovers a new sex position, he or she may take it as taboo and get aroused.”. The naughty personality often feels ashamed about her desires, which she does not dare to reveal, and if she does not have a partner who is attentive to her needs, she can become distant or develop problems. self-esteem.

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5 / The “metamorphs”

This personality type is turned on by all of the above. These people are very creative. “As you may have guessed, the shapeshifter can easily adapt to any type of sexual personality,” says Ally Jewel. As a result, they sometimes become what others want them to be, instead of owning their own sexuality. “Shape-shifting” types often have to take the time to find out what they really want and tell their partner to finally be satisfied.

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