Genshin Impact: Continuation of the wind, date and information of the event

Alone, or with friends, it’s time to have a good time in the kingdoms of Teyvat. With the event Pursuit of the wind back on Genshin Impact, frenzied hide-and-seek awaits you. And for the occasion, Gygax has new places in which to let off steam and hide in order to complete the experience.

Event details in Genshin Impact

Gygax is back in town to offer a new edition of its hide-and-seek in Teyvat. With more and more places on the clock, take advantage of the event to rest between a few adventures and play with friends. Whether you are a hunter or a rebel, first gems await you, as well as many other rewards. Stay alert during your games, because not all is what it seems on the pitch.

During this event, you get Stalking Tokens. During certain levels, you get some rewards, be it Mora, experience materials, or first gem. While playing as a rebel, you have to hide in the surroundings, taking or not taking the appearance of an object. But be careful not to stay too long in one place, or the hunter will be able to spot you. The latter’s objective is to find the 3 rebels before the time runs out. For more details, find a complete guide to the event on the official page of the site.

Event date Pursuit of the wind

The event Pursuit of the wind lasts two weeks on Genshin Impact. It begins on January 13 and ends on January 27. During this period, go to Gygax to participate in manhunts. However, certain conditions must be met to be able to participate. Your adventure level must be 20 or more, and two quests must be completed.

  • Release date – Thursday, January 13, 10:00 a.m.
  • End date – Thursday, January 27, 3:59 a.m.
  • Adventure level 20

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