Genshin Impact live 3.0: Sumeru, Tighnari, Collei, Dori.. Discover the recap of the announcements

The Genshin Impact version 3.0 live presentation took place and we were able to get a lot of information about the next update which will introduce Sumeru and the Dendro element.

Sumeru is finally here!

The region of Sumeru offers us a rather natural environment in relation to the Dendro element which is introduced with it. If we had had details on the area previously, we were able to have some details during this live.

First of all, you should know that Sumeru region is west of Liyue and that’it is divided into two parts. The first is the rainforest and the second is the desert. In Sumeru, you will find many places to visit such as the City of the same name or the Port Ormos. The nation recognized for its legendary wisdom also has a historical institution called “Academy“. It was founded by scholars of the former Archon Dendro, the Molrani Rukkhadevata.

Speaking of Archon, the current one is the Rani Kusanali. She succeeded him iya 500 years, which makes her the youngest of the Seven Archons at present. Going back to the Academy, it is the latter that governs the nation and that has transformed knowledge into a tightly managed resource.

Now back to the Dendro element itself. The latter can perform three basic reactions (burning, flowering and catalysis) as we discovered earlier. However, some of them also have the particularity of being able to create other reactions by combining them.

  • Flowering (Dendro + Hydro) : Create one or more Dendro Cores that explode after a delay to deal Dendro damage. If these Dendro Cores come into contact with Pyro or Electro before exploding, they can trigger the reaction budding and increase their area Dendro damage, or trigger the reaction Exuberance which turns Dendro Cores into tentacle projectiles pursuing enemies.
  • Catalysis (Electro + Dendro) : can apply state Stimulation to enemies and increase the damage dealt by the next Dendro or Electro attack by triggering reactions Spread Where Overactivation.

To finish on Sumeru, you should know that the rainforest is full of plants and creatures with the Dendro attribute. Therefore, it is possible to activate the polymorphic transformation by creating a reaction with the different elements Hydro, Pyro and Electro. In particular, we find mushrooms that have evolved into a new species called Fungus.

Genshin Impact update 2.8 is coming this week, but miHoYo already introduces us to the major element of version 3.0 which will allow players to discover the Sumeru region. In addition, the studio formalizes the characters of the Dendro attribute which had been leaked for some time.

Sumeru Characters in Genshin Impact Update

The arrival of Sumeru will add some characters that we will discover just below. Also note that the Traveler will have the right to his transformation into the Dendro element. This will make him the third character in this playable element and the first who does not use a bow.


Collei fights with a bow too, but she can throw it like a boomerang or create an area that deals Dendro damage to enemies in it. We also learn that she is a student of Tighnari.

Genshin Impact


Dori is a traveling merchant that you can summon. She will be of 4-star rarity with an Electro divine eye and a size weapon since she will use a swordfish (two-handed sword). It can be useful in your team since its unleashing restores the energy as well as the HP of the members of the group located nearby.

Genshin Impact


Tighnari is the first 5 star Dendro in the game and during the live we were able to get a bit more lore around him. He is a young researcher with a big heart, an excellent teacher and a forest ranger. He will use a bow. His burst will allow him to launch several arrows at his enemies at once and thus inflict Dendro damage multiple times. His charged attack also allows him to inflict it repeatedly.

Genshin Impact


We also know the in-game banners for the 3.0 update. There will be four in total and among them, you will be entitled to three reruns. Let’s discover them together.

  • Part 1 : Tighnari and Zhongli accompanied by Collei
  • Part 2 : Ganyu and Kokomi accompanied by Dori

Small precision in passing on Tighnari since the latter will be added to the permanent banners from version 3.1.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

New quests

The new Archons quest will be available and will take place in the Sumeru region. You will be able to take part in the first two acts of Chapter 3. Furthermore, Tighnari will be entitled to the first part of his story quest. You will be able to know a little more about him.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

The events

The first event allows you to get Collei for free. In “innocence sculpture“, the players will have to photograph various animals in the wild in order to create inspirations for the toy store in Port Ormos. There are also other activities to do in this event such as facing the new bosses in order to succeed challenges or having to reach a certain score in “Over The Broken Bridge”.

In total you will have four acts to complete the event and so Obtain your Crown of Wisdom and your first 4-star Dendro character.

Genshin Impact

Fayz Trials is an event where you will have to fight against waves of monsters, but it has a peculiarity. From time to time, time freezes and you will be able to discover the weak points of your opponents and take advantage of them by selecting them. This event will also offer you trial characters that will be used to complete your challenges.

Genshin Impact

The third event will offer you to form a team to overcome dungeons with predefined monsters. You will be able to use your own heroes, but also characters that are available for testing for these challenges.

Genshin Impact

The event to obtain the Fairies is back in Sumeru. You will be able to complete your collection by carrying out the famous treasure hunt. A green Fairy will also be available to match the arrival of Sumeru and the Dendro element.

Genshin Impact

New equipment

With the arrival of a big update, we often have the right to a range of equipment that is added to the catalog already present. This will be the case for the 3.0 update sinceit adds 7 new weapons and two sets of artifacts. As for weapons, we will have the craftable weapons of the Sumeru region but also two bows in supplement. One of them will be 4-star rarity and the other will be 5-star. The latter should be the weapon attributed to Tighnari since it is the one that will be available in “Divine Incarnation” wishes.

On the artifact side, we have the set dedicated to the Dendro element which will boost the damage of a character typing in this element, but also reduce the Dendro resistance of enemies hit by a skill or an elemental unleash by 30% for 8 seconds. Note that this effect can be activated even if the active character is not the one with the full set.

As for the second set, he will bring you elemental mastery and attack depending on your team. If you have several elements of the same type as the carrier, the latter will have an attack buff while if you have different elements, he will benefit from an elemental mastery buff. Just like the other set, the effect can be activated without the wearer being on the field.

New monsters

Two new bosses will be added to the Sumeru region in 3.0. The first is called the Variegated Dreadshroom and it is a fungus with strong animality. The latter has the particularity that it can easily become territorial and adopt aggressive behavior. The other boss is the stricken tree who hides in the depths of the forest and stands ready to challenge every traveler who comes to his place. It’s a safe bet that these bosses will come in handy for raising Collei, Dori, and Tighnari.

Other additions and optimizations

5-star rarity artifacts available before Update 3.2 will be obtainable through the conversion menu. Furthermore, three new gadgets will also arrive.

  • Elder Tree’s Favor
  • The Ultra-Burner Lamp Test Model
  • The Fishing Line Stabilizer

These tools will help you in collecting materials, fishing and cooking. To end on this point,The game will offer an option to have colored shadows.

Planning for future updates

We also had the right to the schedule for versions 3.0 to 3.3, which therefore resumes the classic release rate that had been initially planned. We remind you that the May update had to be delayed and as a result, the schedule was turned upside down.

  • Version 3.0 : August 24, 2022
  • Version 3.1 : September 28, 2022
  • Version 3.2 : November 2, 2022
  • Version 3.3 : December 7, 2022

Genshin Impact live 3.0 codes

Genshin Impact players have a new opportunity to get Primogems and other rewards for free through Update 3.0 live. The latter offers codes, however, they will only be available for a very limited time.

For more guides and tips on Genshin Impact, do not hesitate to consult our complete walkthrough of the game with all the character builds, the location of the resources to be collected in the world of Teyvat or the quests for each update.

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