Genshin Impact: Sumeru region will debut on August 24 in Update 3.0

It’s been a few weeks since HoYoverse took pleasure in revealing pieces of this new region, the fourth of the seven that the world of Teyvat will have in total, as well as the characters that we will meet, without forgetting to comment on the effects of the Dendro element, the last one still missing from the game system since its launch in September 2020. But the time is no longer for the aperitif, as evidenced by this generous 6-minute trailer as well as the big press release that accompanies him.

As enthusiasts already know, Sumeru is a region formed by two biomes, a lush rainforest and a desert with ruins. At first, only the forest will be accessible as well as important places like the City of Sumeru and Port Ormis. Known as the nation of wisdom and knowledge, Sumeru has a prestigious historical institution, the Academy. It has also taken control of the nation and transformed knowledge into a resource managed with an iron fist. In this context, players will meet the youngest of the seven Archons, the Molrani Rukkhadevata, who has been in office for only 500 years.

Exploited in the mechanics of exploration as in the fights, the elementary reaction system will be enriched by the Dendro element, the seventh and last part of the system. The Dendro element can cause three basic reactions with the Pyro, Hydro and Electro elements: Burning, Blossoming and Catalysis, which we will soon have the opportunity to discover the effects on the environment as well as on the enemies. We also know that the depths of the rainforest will be home to two new bosses from the start, the Variegated Dreadshroom and the Blasted Tree.

As for the characters, central element of the success of Genshin Impact and its multibillion-dollar turnover, the first representatives of Sumeru and the Dendro element are named Tighnari and Collei. The first is both a young researcher with a big heart, an excellent teacher and a five-star forest ranger. Collei, his apprentice, will be there as a four-star character. Both characters will use a bow.

A little later, players can attempt to get their hands on Dori, a four-star Electro support character who wields a two-handed sword despite her childish build. Dori is a peddler whose elemental unleash restores the HP and energy of nearby party members.

More optimizations and features will be implemented in this massive expansion to enhance the gameplay experience. fishing, will facilitate the collection of material, cooking and fishing. Color shadows will also be implemented to make Teyvat an even more vivid world“, adds the press release.

Genshin Impact is still available on PS5, PS4, PC, iOS and Android with support for cross-media save sharing. Even if the visual spectacle speaks for itself, do not forget to activate the subtitles on the YouTube player.

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