Genshin Impact: what is the biggest potato ever stuck by a character in the game?

Even if it’s superfluous in a way, the quest for the biggest damage burst ever in Genshin Impact continues to animate some hardcore gamers. And you should know that the last recognized world record was achieved in 2021, by Tony To’s Eula. In the Abyss, the player recorded the crazy figure of 7,013,281 damage in a single hit. Light years away from hundreds of thousands of damage inflicted by our 5-star characters, after months of farming and hard work. So obviously, Tony To’s Eula is from a whole other dimension, but she also achieved this feat because she was at the heart of well thought-out synergies.

Eula is arguably the character who lands the most powerful blows in the game.

An Eula with small onions

Such a record does not happen by chance. Tony To’s Eula is thoroughly optimized (C6) and we hardly dare to imagine the number of sweaters made to fish and improve such a character. The same goes for his artifacts, which border on absolute perfection. But what really allowed this extraordinary burst was the additional preparation at the moment T.

First of all, the composition of Tony To is as follows: Eula, Bennett, Xinyan and Mona. These last three will aim to prepare the ground before the fatal blow struck by Eula. The keystone of the combo relies on shields Electro Fatui which will reduce the physical resistance of mobs via Eula’s skill and Superconduction.

This is where the timing issue comes in, since the mob’s shield needs to give way just before Eula’s burst goes off. In his video, Tony To explains that the performance required hundreds of preliminary tries, in particular because of the delicate timing to obtain.

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