Gentle on the nose – handkerchiefs made of bamboo are now trendy

In addition to toilet paper and disinfectants, the most sold products in the corona pandemic also include handkerchiefs. For the benefit of climate protection and their own health, many people now rely on products made from bamboo.

Bamboo has become a very popular raw material in recent years. Because the Asian plant grows back very quickly under very simple conditions and therefore does not need large resources for cultivation. Many household products are now made from bamboo: from plates to cotton swabs to clothing, almost everything is now available made from bamboo. More and more manufacturers are also relying on bamboo for the production of handkerchiefs.

Here are a couple of great reasons to go on Handkerchiefs made of bamboo to change:

  • Bamboo is 100% sustainable and biodegradable
  • Bamboo reduces waste and conserves resources
  • Handkerchiefs made of bamboo are ideal for allergy sufferersas they contain no fragrances, no chemicals, and no bleach whatsoever
  • Handkerchiefs are made from bamboo particularly gentle on the skin
  • handkerchiefs made of bamboo are antibacterial and ideal for colds

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