Gently Rebuilt – This Tesla Model 3 really goes anywhere

The Tesla Model 3 is the most successful electric car in the world. Certainly not the most off-road, but also not the one that gets stuck first. Especially not “with the right tires”: German YouTubers have converted one example into an absolute all-terrain animal.

Okay, of course it’s not tires in the narrower sense when you mount chains, even if they are made of rubber like tires. Drive chains mind you, not snow chains. That’s exactly what the “Real Life Guys” did and presented to their almost 1.5 million followers. Each of these chains weighs 1.3 tons, plus there is a massive steel frame on which they are mounted together with the suspension. Overall, the chain-driven Tesla weighs a whopping six tons. You have to be relatively agile to get in: Since the doors can no longer be opened because of the chains, you have to swing into the seat through the side window. It’s definitely worth seeing what the guys inside of screwed it together for four weeks. The thing is definitely off-road now. But since the drive battery has remained unchanged, the duration of the pleasure will be limited…
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