George Clooney: his 5-year-old twins already “a little smarter than him”, he confides as rarely

This week, George Clooney – who was recently in London for the film’s premiere Ticket to Paradise in which he forms a superb duet with Julia Roberts – has made astonishing revelations concerning his twins Ella and Alexander, born of his union with Amal Alamuddin. “They can do whatever they want. I guess they’re a bit smarter than me, so they’ll probably do something – they already speak three languages, while I’m still learning English“, he said with humor at the Royal School of Film and Television Production Magnet in Los Angeles on Wednesday, when he was asked about his children’s future education by a reporter fromEntertainmentTonight.

If the 61-year-old actor went to this school – which opened its doors last month – it’s because he supports it “in order to diversifying Hollywood production teams“reported the Los Angeles Times. He took advantage of this opportunity to talk about his children, which he rarely does. But in November 2020, during an interview with GQ-magazine, – who had then designated the actor as the Icon of the year – he had already revealed that his son was multilingual, while the interview was carried out by videoconference due to the pandemic and in particular the little boy’s asthma.

A proud dad!

George Clooney, who once said he was surprised by the arrival of twins in his life, said that Alexander spoke “fluent italian“, inviting him to come and sit on his knees in order to prove it face-to-camera. What he was quick to do, responding “Molto caldo” after his father asked him to say “It’s very hot” in Italian. This advantage could in particular be explained by the fact that this pretty family owns a charming villa located in the shores of Lake Como in the north of La Botte. In any case, it makes the hero of Gravity very proud, he who also considers himself very happy to have a woman like his in his life.

There is no doubt that having Amal in my life has changed everything for me. VS’was the first time that everything she did and everything about her was infinitely more important than everything about me“, he confided to CBS Sunday Morningstill in 2020. A happy father and husband!

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