George Clooney, Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, discover these celebrities who have adopted very unusual animals: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

If everything were possible, which animal would you adopt? A panda ? A hummingbird? A tiger ? This is undoubtedly the question that these celebrities asked themselves before adopting their pet. And we can’t say that extravagance scares them. From Elvis Presley and his wallaby, to Mike Tyson and his three Bengal tigers, exotic animals are popular. However, theWild animals are bad everyday companionsas explained by National Geographic in one of his articles. Indeed, the life of a star is hardly compatible with taking care of a living being properly, especially when it comes to wild animals, supposed to live in nature. In 2013, Justin Bieber caused an outcry among animal rights activists after abandoning his Capuchin monkey that German customs had placed in quarantine… and never returned to collect it, traces Purepeople in a February 2016 article.

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Animal welfare in question

The cause of animal welfare concerns certain celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson in the United States or Brigitte Bardot in France. However, whether in the era of Salvador Dali or today, stars have not hesitated to adopt wild animals. The problem ? They are not meant to be domesticated and can be dangerous. Moreover, National Geographic reports that exotic animals are often victims of a poaching system. Obtain your giant stuffed toy, at any cost, even while supporting a cruel system? It seems that hasn’t stopped the stars featured in this slideshow from acquiring a cute furry beast. For some, like George Clooneyhis pig Max has become a faithful friendbefore his death in 2006, as recounted The Women’s Journal in October 2023. For others, like Justin Bieber, the animal has in some way become their foil, a toy, in the service of likes and buzz. Fortunately, animal welfare associations are keeping an eye on things, and do not hesitate to report celebrities whose behavior with their pets is problematic. Phew, a safeguard!

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