George Clooney: Series role causes trouble with his wife Amal

George Clooney
Series role causes trouble with his wife Amal

George and Amal Clooney at a film premiere in 2019

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For one of his roles, George Clooney got in trouble with his wife Amal. Apparently he doesn't like what she gets to see.

During his long acting career, George Clooney (59, "Ocean's Eleven") has played numerous film and series roles. One of the characters has brought him trouble with his wife, as he tells his fellow actors Jason Bateman (52), Will Arnett (50) and Sean Hayes (50) on the "SmartLess" podcast.

"My wife is not like that"

He explains that his wife Amal Clooney (43) is watching the series "Emergency Room" in which the actor is the Dr. Doug Ross there. "That brings me a lot of trouble, because I have forgotten all the bad things that I (editor's note: as Ross) did back then to tear up women." Amal doesn't admire him at all for portraying the well-known character, he explains: "Yes, my wife is not like that."

Hugh Grant had something similar to report in November last year. Back then he said on the US show "Late Night with Seth Meyers": "My wife is the man in our house. She likes violent films, gangster films while I sit there and 'Roman Holiday', 'Sound of Music' or look at it. " Grant explained, "That's why she never liked the movies I made in the past". Grant is best known for romantic comedies like "Notting Hill".