George RR Martin finally gives news of the next volume of Game of Thrones

The Winds of Winterthe next volume in the literary saga of Iron Throne from which the series is adapted Game Of Thrones, has been awaited for a decade. George RR Martin announces that things are progressing well. But, we will still have to wait.

The end of the series Game Of Thrones was disappointing to you? At least it has the merit of existing. Because the literary saga of George RR Martin remains, to this day, still unfinished – the last volume dates back to 2011. The only major publication in the meantime, the prequel Fire & Bloodin 2018, from which the series is adapted House of the Dragon on HBO. For ten years, the author has regularly indicated that the next volume of the main saga is progressing well.

But, I promise, this time, it’s going really well. During an interview for Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on October 26, 2022, George RR Martin even launched a very precise figure: The Winds of Winter is three quarters ready.

The Winds of Winter maybe in 2025?

If the writing of this next volume is so long, it’s not only because George RR Martin is involved in many other projects – the HBO series, Elden Ring or an illustrated version of Targaryen history. It is also and above all because The Winds of Winter will be long; and even the longest of the literary saga. In number of pages, it will be higher than The Dragon Dancemore than 1,500 pages.

In France, the two volumes of Fire & Blood. // Source: I read

The characters all intersect and I ended up with a few of them but not others. I have to finish all this weaving “explains George RR Martin to Stephen Colbert. The presenter then does the math: since it took 10 years for 75%, then the novel will potentially be released within 3 years (2025). To which the author responds with humor: It’s depressing. »

Attention: if the next volume is still not finished, it is obviously even less the case of the final work, in which George RR Martin will propose his own end (slightly different, therefore, from the HBO series). Entitled A Dream of Spring, his writing has not yet started. See you then in another ten years for the final volume?

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