Gérald Darmanin, accused of rape: these new SMS unveiled which embarrass the minister: Current Woman The MAG

Exchanges by SMS which strongly contradict his version of the facts. Tuesday January 26, 2021, Mediapart published on its site a new salvo of messages sent by Gerald Darmanin to Sophie Patterson-Spatz who come to add water to the survey mill. And for good reason, last June, the Minister of the Interior was the subject of a judicial investigation for rape according to which he would have forced the young woman to have sex against his help for a complex affair. If the boss of Place Beauvau denies these accusations en bloc and affirms that the report was agreed, Sophie Patterson-Spatz, she intends to condemn the politician for "abuse of power". In the SMS revealed by Mediapart, Gérald Darmanin is particularly insistent …

"In 36 messages, he asks for her or relaunches her to see her"

The facts date back to October 2009. Indeed, following an evening spent with the former UMP project manager, Sophie Patterson-Spatz, who had requested to have a judicial conviction annulled, affirms that the latter would have forced to go to a swinger club before doing it "go to the pan" in a hotel room. In the early morning, the young woman leaves the premises and will receive several SMS from Gerald Darmanin wishing to see her again. "In 36 messages, he asks or calls her back to see her, and in four to talk to her on the phone", can we read in Mediapart, which transcribes in particular some of their exchanges: "Free for a drink?", "I would like you to call me please", "I would have liked to have a last drink", "Good night to you …" Messages contradicting Gérald Darmanin's version according to which he had tried "to put distance".

Following insistent messages from the former mayor of Tourcoing, Sophie Patterson-Spatz replied: "Abusing your position! For me it's being a dirty asshole! Especially when you're in pain, politics suits you well! When you know the effort it took me to fuck with you to take care of my file ". The politician nods: "You are right I am probably a dirty jerk. How can I be forgiven?" Mediapart also underlines Gérald Darmanin's lie about his father: "Gérald Darmanin would have apologized, would have told him that he had acted like this because he was not well, having lost his father", can we read in Mediapart. An erroneous excuse since his father died … in 2019. Contacted by Mediapart, lawyers for the interior minister declined to comment.

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