Gérard Lenorman: his astonishing point in common with Julien Clerc

Before embarking on a solo career and singing his greatest hits during “The great evening of 31st at Chantilly”, broadcast this Friday December 31st on France 2, Gérard Lenorman saw his career take off by replacing Julien Clerc in comedy musical Hair.

To end this year 2021 in style, Gérard Lenormand can only sing “The Ballad of happy People”. Guest of the show “The great evening of the 31st at Chantilly”, presented by Stéphane Bern this Friday, December 31 on France 2, the 76-year-old artist will resume his famous titles to the delight of viewers. And if success is still there the songwriter can thank Julien Clerc. After having had a shy start writing songs for Brigitte Bardot and Sylvie Vartan, Gérard Lenorman saw his career take off thanks to the musical Hate. Responsible for replacing the interpreter of the song “Let us enter the sun”, the singer endorses the role of Claude Bukowski from 1970.

With his almost adolescent candor and his gaze filled with tenderness, Gérard Lenorman seduces the crowds and met with great success on the stage of the Porte Saint-Martin theater. And his artistic performance has not escaped the producers of the biggest record companies. With his high pitched voice and his revolutionary character with hippie aspirations, the Little Prince of French song signs with the CBS Disques label and records his first single titled ” He “. Propelled into this solo career, Gérard Lenorman left the company in April 1971. A beautiful revenge on life for the one who almost lost his life in a serious accident.

© ANGELI-RINDOFF / BESTIMAGEFrom 1970 to 1971, Gérard Lenorman replaced Julien Clerc in the musical “Hair”

Gérard Lenormand: a career rich in success

The years go by but success is still there for Gérard Lenorman. In 1975, Caroline’s ex-husband looped over the airwaves with his popular track “The Ballad of happy People”. And 46 years later this song ain’t getting a wrinkle. This tube of the years seventies was featured in episode 4 of season 3 of the Sex Education series, on the Netflix platform. Asked by TV 7 Days on this new life offered by the song, the author was very moved after watching the famous sequence, which he had not yet watched: “And in French, moreover! It’s crazy, it’s global! Does the song continue to the end? I would like to know how the idea came to the producers “. Clearly, time does not seem to have a hold on the success of Gérard Lenorman.

Photo credits: Tiziano Da Silva – Cyril Moreau / Bestimage

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