Gerda: A Flame in Winter will be released on September 1.

Based in Copenhagen, the PortaPlay studio has just formalized the fall release of its future narrative game, mixed with RPG, and dedicated to the memory of anonymous heroes and heroines during the Occupation of Denmark. Preferring the filter of the intimate to that of the battlefield, the game features Gerda, a young nurse who, as she returns from her dispensary, discovers that her husband, a member of the local Resistance, has just been arrested by the Gestapo. From the documents and resources that they can find, the players will have to both develop the personality of their heroine according to certain targeted skills, and make crucial choices for her survival and that of her family.

As Hans von Knut Skovfoged, its project manager, points out, the game intends to question the player faced with an exceptional and extreme moral situation, made up of dilemmas and compromises: “ With Gerda, we hope to share a fair view of some of the hardships endured by civilians under occupation at that time; but also highlight some judgment-defying decisions that some people may have faced. Through this narrative game, we hope to encourage the sharing of testimonies. Many stories from the perspective of civilians go untold in times of war and we know that many are living that today, around the world. We are happy to be able to tell at least one of these stories, with Gerda: A Flame in Winter.”

No new trailer for the occasion. Suddenly, we give you the previous one, published last December, as well as new visuals.

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