Geri Halliwell in mourning: her brother Max has died

Geri Halliwell
Your brother died

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Sad news: Geri Halliwell mourns the loss of her older brother Max Halliwell, who died unexpectedly at the age of 54.

Geri Halliwell, 49, is in deep grief. Her brother, Max Halliwell, with whom the singer had a very special bond, died unexpectedly at the age of only 54.

Max Halliwell is dead

Geri Halliwell, whose official name has been “Horner” since her wedding to racing driver Christian, is said to have been abroad when her brother was hospitalized on November 17, 2021, according to “The Sun”.

Max Halliwell (†) at the McLaren Motor Show in London 2011

Max Halliwell (†) at the McLaren Motor Show in London 2011

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Max Halliwell reportedly collapsed at his home in the UK borough of Berkhamsted. According to a police spokeswoman, rescue workers were called at 9:40 am “to report a concern for the welfare of a man in an apartment building in Berkhamsted.” But his life could not be saved, he died in the intensive care unit. The reasons for his collapse are currently unclear, but his death is classified as “unsuspicious”.

Geri Halliwell is “devastated”

Geri and Max are said to have been very close. Especially in her time as Spice Girl, her older brother was a great support. After the singer left the band in 1998, Geri and Max traveled to Paris together to escape the limelight. According to “The Sun”, people who trust the musician describe their relationship with her brother as extremely intimate. Max’s death now leaves a large and painful void in Geri’s life.

“This is the most terrible, devastating and heartbreaking news and Geri is devastated,” a person close to Geri told the British newspaper. “From the moment she heard that Max was being taken to the hospital, Geri had a terribly traumatic time,” the unnamed source continues. The family stick together, but Geri “hardly knows what to say or think – she loved him very much.”

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