“German industry is very robust”: Merkel sees third wave as the toughest

“German industry very robust”
Merkel sees the third wave as the toughest

Hard, harder, hardest: Chancellor Merkel gives little hope that the third wave in Germany will go smoothly and is not afraid of superlatives. She also brings the bridge lockdown back into play in her speech at the Hanover Fair.

Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the particular severity of the current wave of corona infections and warned that the infection process should be brought under control as quickly as possible. “We have to say that this third wave is perhaps the toughest for us,” said Merkel via video in her opening speech at the Hanover Fair.

“One could say that the German economy is currently divided into two parts,” emphasized the Chancellor. “The industry is proving to be very robust in this crisis, the service sector, on the other hand, is suffering severely from the restrictions.” All in all, the further economic development depends crucially on the extent to which the infection process is brought under control as quickly as possible. Currently, the number of infections is “unfortunately far too high” and the utilization of intensive care units is increasing again.

Vaccinations are “the most important weapon” to break the wave of infections, stressed Merkel. “And testing helps us build a bridge until the vaccination works.” Even a quick vaccination of the population in Germany is not a guarantee that further virus mutations will not spread worldwide, “against which our vaccines then no longer or less effectively work”.

“Not defeated until the last one is vaccinated”

Successful pandemic control therefore requires a joint approach by the global community. “Until the last person has been vaccinated or has a vaccination offer, this pandemic will not be defeated,” warned Merkel. At the same time, Europe must become more resilient with regard to international supply chains, said Merkel. It is important to strategically strengthen the independence of Germany and Europe – also in the production of the corona vaccines. However, that does not mean restricting cooperation with other economic areas.

This year the Hanover Fair takes place exclusively online. The main theme this year is “Industrial Transformation”. Exhibitors and thought leaders from the industry present their technologies and ideas for the factories, energy systems and supply chains of the future. Last year, due to the corona pandemic, the trade fair was initially postponed and then canceled entirely – for the first time in the event’s more than 70-year history.