German J-RPG Chained Echoes Sets Date for December 8


Turn-based combat, mechs, dragons, customizable aircraft, a pretty pixel art : Chained Echoes presents itself as a kind of potpourri of the J-RPGs of yesteryear, marrying fantasy and science fiction throughout an adventure that promises forty hours full of adventures. At the head of a heterogeneous group of heroes, it will be a question of preventing the continent of Valandis, already bruised by the war, from being even more so by the construction of a formidable weapon of mass destruction.

Now scheduled for December 8 on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One, Chained Echoes will even have the right to be marketed in the form of several “Premium” physical editions reserved for PC, PS4 and Switch, and announced for next summer. These will be accompanied by various bonuses depending on the version chosen – Standard, Limited or Super Limited – details of which can be found on the First Press Games website, which will edit them. These editions are already available for pre-order.


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