German national team as NFT at Sorare

The EM may have been over for the German national soccer team. The games have only just started on Sorare.

In times of unprecedented expansion of the money supply and legitimate concerns about inflation, scarce goods are in greater demand than ever. Real estate, raw materials, Bitcoin, precious metals and even Pokémon cards actually only know one direction: namely northwards. The latter in particular is almost symbolic of the run on limited assets: Charizard, Pikachu and Turtok from the first generation are primarily valuable. Sure, they can no longer be reproduced decades after they appeared.

But limited collector’s items are not only available in analogue. The digital room also offers space for trading card games, for example based on NFT. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, i.e. blockchain tokens, for example on Ethereum, which cannot be duplicated at will, but are unique.

The principle of digital scarcity is particularly interesting for investors. After all, the supply can be kept artificially low and the price has to rise accordingly when demand increases. The basic rules of economy apply equally to collectibles of an analogue and digital nature.

Football pictures are a classic of the fun to collect. At major events such as world or European championships, images of the top performers have been swapped back and forth in German schoolyards for generations so that one day the album might be filled completely.

Sorare is the NFT trading card market leader

Now there is the proven principle of football images also as NFT. The digital soccer manager Sorare has licensed a number of football clubs such as Juventus Turin, Paris Saint-Germain and FC Bayern Munich and offers the digital likenesses of the footballers to collect and swap. It differs Sorare between three levels of scarcity: Unique (one-time), Super Rare (10 digital copies) and Rare (100 digital copies). Logically, the exchange value of the collector’s item results from its scarcity.

Thanks to blockchain technology (the Sorare-NFT are minted with the Ethereum Blockchain) the actual limitation of the respective trading card is verifiable and visible to all players. This is also the big advantage over analog trading cards. Nobody there knows how many pictures are actually in circulation.

Sorare license for German national team

But that’s not all. If just hoarding the rare footballers is not enough, Kylian Mbappé, Alphonso Davies and Joshua Kimmich can also send them to the digital ring. The Sorare Global Fantasy Football Game is the first interactive football game that is based on both the blockchain and real events on the pitch. Players can put together a team of up to five digital kickers who, depending on their performance in real life, can gain experience (XP). If you put the team together skillfully, you can get higher and higher rewards – and thus increase the real value of your NFT.

When it comes to licenses, however, Sorare is a real powerhouse. Because in addition to the aforementioned top clubs (has Sorare 140 clubs licensed), the team around CEO Nicolas Julia was also able to score at a national level. The latest coup by the Paris-based market leader: The German national team, also known as “The Team” among fans. From now on, Emre Can, Manuel Neuer, Toni Kroos and Co. are on in the jerseys of the national team Sorare tradable. A small downer with regard to the EM-aus.

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