German TV Ballet: The end of the year


The German Television Ballet was founded in 1962, and it was time to say goodbye at the end of 2020. "Yes, it is true, we will stop operating on television at the end of this year," says owner Peter Wolf (62) of the "Bild am Sonntag". There was not enough work left for the 30 dancers from 18 nations. "Of course, the transmitters have to save, so you have to face reality," said Wolf.

What does the farewell look like?

The most recent client was the MDR. Wolf MDR director Karola Wille (60) asked to end the collaboration last year. "The station responded with regret," said Wolf. MDR program director Wolf-Dieter Jacobi (54) says to the newspaper, among other things: "With the decision now taken to dissolve the German TV Ballet, an era that we are happy to look back on is ending."

What does the farewell look like? The German TV Ballet will still be seen in twelve TV shows in 2020. "Our last appearance is a big TV show to say goodbye to the ballet in December," Wolf continues. A farewell tour and concert appearances with various artists will follow in 2021.