Germany continues shutdown of nuclear reactors closes three power plants

In the short term, phasing out nuclear power will lead to an increase in fossil fuels.

From berlin

Anti-nuclear activists in Grohnde, Lower Saxony, are preparing to experience a truly original New Year’s Eve. With drums and a cup of Sekt, the national sparkling wine, they planned to gather before midnight at the foot of the city’s power station, to celebrate the end of an era. Thirty-seven years after its commissioning, the Grohnde site will close definitively on December 31. In accordance with the nuclear phase-out timetable set by Angela Merkel’s government in 2011 after the Fukushima disaster, two other reactors must be disconnected from the grid on the same day. The remaining three, out of the 17 in service of the German nuclear fleet in 2011, will follow in December 2022.

However, in the home stretch, the broad consensus that has hitherto accompanied the process seems to be crumbling somewhat. The new boss of the conservative camp, former rival of Angela Merkel, does not hesitate to question a decision taken at the time …

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