Germany’s next top model: an artistically valuable horror shoot

Germany’s Next Topmodel
An artistically valuable scary shoot

Elisa at the art shoot of “Germany’s next top model”.

© Richard Huebner / ProSieben

The art edition of “GNTM”: Less is more during a shoot, and the other way around on the haute couture catwalk.

In the new episode “Germany’s next top model” (April 15th, 8:15 pm, ProSieben) it is decided which girl will make it into the top 10 – and that starts with a casting! The private dairy Bauer wants the most authentic girl for a new campaign, a big job – the sunshine Ana (20) snatches. Her voice squeaks with joy: “I can’t put it into words!” Ana also carried out the subsequent shoot with flying colors, the customers are satisfied: “She couldn’t have done it better!” A good start for Ana’s week, at the end of which she really wants to hear from Heidi Klum (47) that she was “the best”.

While Ana surfs a wave of self-confidence, the introverted Ashley (22) is plagued by self-doubts: In the flat she asks herself whether she has to be as “loud” as Dasha (20) in order to get ahead. “It’s not just my goal to be a model, I also have the goal of being a lawyer at some point. And then I can’t be as vulgar as Dasha, for example.” This statement will have consequences.

Creepy location: a derelict hospital

This time the shooting takes place in the Beelitz Heilstätten, a derelict former lung sanatorium – in which a model was killed in 2008. “Of course the location makes a creepy impression …” says Ashley. The devout Ana fears “that the people who died here might not want to go into the light and then look here a bit … as revenge”. Only Alex (23) finds the background story really exciting and can’t stop telling the girls more details about the murder.

In between, however, there is also work – and this time completely differently than usual. Photographer Kristian Schuller wants to make art, not just fashion. Creepy surroundings, sophisticated clothing and minimalist poses: This time the girls should hardly move while he creates his compositions: “Not too loud, not too much! Less, less – but the little right. Super difficult.” Many seem surprised how “easy” modeling can be. Soulin (20): “I only made mini movements and only heard ‘Wow, wow, wow, wow’.” Dasha also convinces with closed eyes and without movements. And Ana even impressed Heidi with the test picture.

For Ashley, on the other hand, it will be difficult. She is not relaxed enough for Heidi’s demands, which she also loudly announces: “You already know that you need a lot longer now …” Ashley slowly has the feeling that she can no longer do anything right: “It was the first time now that I didn’t have that much fun anymore. That’s why I’m thinking a little bit … “Up until the big haute couture walk in the evening, she thought it over: She doesn’t want to get out. Meanwhile, a completely different problem is brewing in the background: Elisa (20) tells Dasha that Ashley called her vulgar. Dasha asks to be on the safe side: “That is already insulting, isn’t it? Full carrot.”

Then the girls are sent down the catwalk by the “most famous high-fashion drag queen” Miss Fame. Today it’s all about presenting the clothes inspired by paintings as avant-garde as possible. This time the catwalk is modeled on a gallery, there are even (strangely, only male) spectators and a picture frame for the poses.

The walks go on without any significant incidents – except for Liliana (21). The somewhat planned candidate is announced by Heidi with the words: “She is not always so focused …” and goes on stage with the project: “I want to show Heidi that I can be professional!” With her run, she also completely convinced the model mom and Miss Fame – but then runs out again in the wrong direction. Heidi: “Yikes, where does she want to go now?” Miss Fame is also embarrassed: “I didn’t expect that.”

Ana is crying because of Soulin

As every week, Soulin only receives compliments in the subsequent assessment – and again the title: “Best of the week”. But there was something? Yes, the ambitious Ana who bursts into tears when she hears about it. “It is like this every week, no matter what you do,” she sobs. When she stands in front of Heidi, tears roll down again: “My biggest dream is to become Germany’s next top model!”, She assures. Whether Heidi really sees her as a top model is doubtful, but she tries to comfort: “Then I’ll tell you something very real, Ana: You are in the top 10.” After all, she only shares her criticism with the guest juror: “If she had a little more pepper …”

While one of them cries that she is not the best of the week, for the other the whole dream is bursting: There is no photo for Larissa (22) this week. But she takes it with composure: “I will miss the girls completely … I don’t want to think about it at all. I am still very happy that I was able to be there.”