“Germany’s Next Top Model”: Shooting mistakes cause photographer to freak out

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”
Shooting mistakes cause photographers to freak out

Are disappointed with some models: Heidi Klum and guest juror Kilian Kerner.

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The demands on the aspiring top models increased noticeably in episode nine of “Germany’s Next Top Model”. They had to master provocative questions in the tough interview training. The double shoot required spontaneity and teamwork. But in front of the lens of star photographer Yu Tsai, many top favorites also reached their limits. Yu Tsai, Heidi Klum, 50, and designer and guest juror Kilian Kerner, 39, did not skimp on criticism. In addition to getting ahead, there was a lot at stake for the models: Kilian Kerner had the biggest modeling job of his career up for grabs.

Dominic’s faux pas during press teaching

Heidi Klum herself knows a thing or two about it: If you want to get into the modeling business, you should definitely have completed interview training. Sat.1 anchorwoman Claudia von Brauchitsch, 49, did this for Heidi. The distinguished journalist carefully examined the models in groups of four. She questioned the look of the extroverted Mare with small plastic spiders on her face in clear words: “Do you think a niche model has a chance of becoming ‘Germany’s top model’?” The twins Luka and Julian also received ruthless advice from the trainer: “At some point the story of the twins will be told. You have to become more independent.” Dominic made two major faux pas. When asked about the weaknesses of his fellow model Aldin, Dominic began to ramble incoherently. Aldin wasn’t amused at all. Dominic also told Armin and Jana about a summer affair in Tenerife. A hit for the professional journalist. While Jana vehemently denied it, Armin took a relaxed view of the matter and gave Dominic a conciliatory hug.

Kilian Kerner gave away “the biggest modeling job of his career”

Kilian Kerner is part of the “GNTM” permanent staff. This year the star designer had something very special in store. Because his fashion brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer, one of the models was treated to the entire star package at the end of the episode: exclusive photo and video shoot, large poster campaign and lots of media presence. But Kerner initially innocently invited the models to catwalk training. Jermaine, Linus as well as Stella, Kadidja and Lea particularly shone here. Since her long hair fell victim to the makeover, the 24-year-old from Düsseldorf has been doing much better – which should have consequences.

Photographer freak out during the shoot

It wasn’t the first time that “Vogue” photographer Yu Tsai was a guest on Heidi Klum’s show. He is already known for his sharp tongue from his “GNTM” past. The challenge for the models: Divided into groups of two, they had to deliver as many top motifs as possible on five sets of the “Tiny Tokyo” backdrop. Teamwork, spontaneity and creativity were required. Because each couple only had five minutes. Armin and Luka won the title of best boy group. The best girls were Lydwine and Lea. Others received even more severe criticism: co-favorite Aldin weakened just as much as Nuri. “It’s too boring. Nothing comes of it!” was Yu Tsai’s criticism. Heidi also described Felix and Julian as “snoring noses”. Xenia and Jana’s shoot was the last straw for the photographer: “I don’t see any models in front of me. I don’t see that you want to win! You’re wasting my time!”

Lea hits the jackpot

Finally Kilian Kerner came out: “Maybe you were surprised that I was there at every casting. That’s because today I’m going to be giving away by far the biggest job of my entire career.” In the end, the two starters Lea and Jermaine were able to celebrate. They are the faces of the 20th anniversary of the Kilian Kerner brand. Her reaction: “This is going to be big!” The wobbly candidates in this episode are called Stella, Jana, Nuri, Dominik, Felix and Yusupha. They have to win a catwalk challenge in the next episode – or they’ll fly home.


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