“Germany’s next top model”: The models become drag queens

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”
The models become drag queens

Coco at the Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot.

© ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

Now it’s getting serious: First the shooting for the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar”, then a drag show decides who gets into the semifinals.

The cover shoot for “Harper’s Bazaar” is coming up. Of course, the girls on “Germany’s next top model” (Thursday, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben) know what that means: “This cover shoot can change your whole life,” summarizes Coco (21). The set consists of two colorful Plexiglas boxes in the desert, the clothes are from labels like Valentino or Miu Miu, the requirement is: “Harper’s Bazaar sexy”.

Selma, Somajia and Vivien convince

Among the best are Vivien (22) and her “killer look”, Somajia (21), who tosses her three-kilo hair from side to side without straining her neck, and Selma (18), who just looks must and for Heidi Klum (50) and “Harper’s Bazaar” editor-in-chief Kerstin Schneider “an appearance”, “naturally cool” and “an absolute highlight”.

Olivia (22), who doesn’t offer any variations, has problems, Ida (23), who struggles with the wind, Coco, who “always seems a bit absent” and Anna-Maria (24), who only gets the sparkle in her eyes gets when Heidi advises her to think about her fiancé.

Afterwards, a surprise awaits the models: instead of the normal elimination walk, the girls will be part of a drag queen show in Las Vegas. This has truly never happened before. Basically, it seems strange that Heidi didn’t bring the wisdom of the drags to her show earlier.

“In my eyes, a drag queen expresses self-confidence. It’s not about the outfit, the music, the hair. It’s about self-confidence!”, explains drag queen DeJa Skye. “You have to be strong. Not only the looks should be in the foreground. I want to see the whole beauty,” says colleague Kahanna Montrese.

Unfair choreo, extroversion at the push of a button?

But not every participant likes to come out of it’s own self. “Drag teaching. I think all the color has drained from my face,” says the rather reserved Nicole (49). “That’s a job for me…” She’s right about that. Even the choreography becomes a big problem. However, she is not the only one: Even Somajia, who actually dances herself, cannot remember her choreo.

Meanwhile, Ida and Olivia have virtually no lines to memorize, and have by far the easiest choreo of any group. While practicing in the hotel room in the evening, a small argument breaks out. “I could even do this choreo, even though I haven’t learned it!” Somajia complains.

The high heels, the sometimes very tight dresses and a few kilos of make-up per girl don’t make the story any easier, of course. With their wigs, false eyelashes and newly painted eyebrows, the girls hardly recognize themselves in the mirror. Of course there are also new names, identities and “attitudes” for the new drags. Nicole summarizes: “Today I am a complete art object”.

Or as host and pro drag queen Shannel puts it: “I was afraid you guys looked natural. But no! We could all walk into a casino and no one would ever know that we were men and you were women!”

“Juicy and Lucy” aka Vivien and Coco also have a lot of fun on stage: “Everyone vibed and screamed along and everyone was up for it, that just relaxed the atmosphere…” With “Fluffy and Puffy” – Somajia and Ida – Unfortunately, the timing is not correct, which Heidi acknowledges with: “Somajia or Ida – I don’t even know who was worse.”

Before it’s Nicole’s turn, she has “the worst stage fright of my life” and would like to “puke into the next bucket”. Together with Selma on stage as “Roxy and Foxy” the stress is quickly forgotten: “It was so much fun, I was so happy!”. But Olivia shoots the bird, who looks as if she had never done anything else – and is chosen by Heidi and the audience as the favorite of the evening.

Two must go

Back to the serious stuff: It’s about getting into the semi-finals – which two won’t reach. Heidi announces to the girls, who are still standing in front of her in full drag gear, that the dream is over for Ida and Anna-Maria. But there is no real sadness after the fantastic drag evening. “I’m just sorry that I have to leave you!” Are Ida’s last words to her “GTNM” group.


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