“Germany’s Next Top Model”: Unfortunately, Heidi Klum casts too many models

Who gets into the next round of “Germany’s Next Top Model”? Heidi Klum’s decisions caused surprises in the second episode.

After the casting, who will be able to pursue the big dream of the title of “Germany’s next top model”? In the second episode of the 19th season of the model casting show (also with Joyn), juror Heidi Klum, 50, once again took a look at various candidates and her decisions caused joyful excitement – or bitter disappointment. At the end of the episode, not only Jean Paul Gaultier, 71, was waiting as a guest juror, but also a shocking surprise for the model candidates, who had already seen themselves in the next round thanks to the casting.

The most exciting models at the casting

From thousands of applications, Heidi Klum selected potential young models who now had the chance to prove themselves on the catwalk at the casting in Berlin. Among other things, best friends Armin and Dominik from beautiful Allgäu joined the preselected models in episode two after they were able to convince Heidi in the open casting.

Mother of four Stella, 34, said she thought “now or never” after separating from her husband when she applied to take part in “GNTM”: “My children find it super exciting.” She has always wanted to take part in the model casting show. Mare, 22, who lives in Bavaria on Lake Tegernsee and wears Barbie heads as earrings, also attracts attention with her extravagant outfit. Mare and Stella were both allowed to continue one lap.

Maximilian, 21, from Vienna also convinced Heidi with his outfit, his vibe – his dream of modeling and his story as a homosexual man. He was kicked out by his parents after he came out and has had no family since then, he said on the catwalk alongside his fellow competitors Frieder, 25, Linus, 25, Jason and Peter. Except for the latter, everyone from this round was allowed to continue.

“GNTM” for the first time with a prince

Heidi was particularly awestruck when Marvin, 22, Prince of Ghana – who lives in Bielefeld – strutted down her catwalk. He convinced the strict model mother with his aristocratic title and his singing voice: “I’ve never had a prince on ‘GNTM’ and certainly not a singing prince.” Marvin is not only happy about his progress, but also about meeting his new friend Livingsten. He secured Heidi’s attention with self-confident announcements: “I have a powerful name that you won’t quickly forget.” Noelll and Armin also made it further in this round. He later trembled as to whether his best friend Dominik would also be able to do it. But he had no reason to worry… yet.

Lydwine, 21, Jana, Nuri, Marcia, Sarah, 28, and Lilli, 22, were also able to join the other women’s models. For the men it was Yusupha and Luca.

Is “GNTM” now becoming a dating show?

With the male candidates comes the question: Will “GNTM” now become a dating show? And what does that do to the format? Not only the viewers asked themselves this, but also the candidates. The first potential couples are already emerging: Armin, for example, flirted with Jana and stated: “You feel a bit like you’re in a school camp.”

After the casting comes the next decision

But then it was time for “enough flirting, back to business”: The young models had their first test with a fashion show by Jasmin Erbas. Heidi thought it was nice to see her “boys and girls together” and got support from a real fashion luminary: Jean Paul Gaultier, for his part, was very happy to see men on “Germany’s Next Top Model” for the first time .

Before the candidates are allowed to prove themselves for the first time at a “GNTM” fashion show, Heidi drops the shocking bombshell: she chose too many models out of euphoria during the casting and therefore has to look for some of them again before the fashion show Send home. Who has to go will only be revealed in the next episode.

Everyone who is then allowed to continue will fight for the title of “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2024 in the following weeks, although this time there will be two winners of the season: one male and one female. Both can look forward to the prize money of 100,000 euros and end up on the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar”. By the way, the male winner of the “GNTM” season will make history, because no man has ever made it onto the cover of the fashion magazine. “Germany’s Next Top Model” runs every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.


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