Germany’s next top model: Why Heidi Klum had to fight in this nude shoot

The annual nude shoot is coming up and shows how times have changed: the girls show way too much skin.

Girls, cover up! The nude shoot at “Germany’s next top model” (April 29th, 8:15 pm, ProSieben) is less of a challenge this time for the prospective models than for Heidi Klum (47). While the girls jump naked over the bulky waste set in the graffiti hall like pin-up girls through a calendar, the model mom is constantly reminding her not to show everything: “We see too much! We see too much everywhere! ” – “Too much breasts!” – “Legs not that far apart!” – “The breast is just outside, always!”

Even the devout Ana (20) is now completely hardened after twelve episodes of “GNTM” and is fighting to leave the image of the insecure mouse behind: “I am self-confident, I am tough, I am cool, I am angry, I am today everything, just not cute! ” But even if she chooses a bright blue eyeshadow and no longer has a problem showing bare skin in front of the camera, she can’t help it: “She looks like a shy deer,” says the photographer.

Soulin draws the red line

Soulin (20) deals with the challenge differently and remains true to herself by drawing a red line on her body. “Nude shooting is not necessarily welcome in my company,” says the candidate who fled Syria as a child. “But even if I show myself naked here, that doesn’t mean that I’m forgetting my roots or that I’m a different person,” she explains the symbolism. Heidi likes it, as does Soulin’s “very beautiful, very aesthetic poses”. The favorite is the only one who doesn’t need a second round.

With the red line on her body, however, she crosses a red line for Yasmin (19), whose parents come from Morocco. After the shoot, she tries to talk to Soulin, explaining the problem to her: “I know a lot of Syrians, a lot of Arabs who are very tolerant, I think it’s important that the people out there don’t lump together.” Soulin is clear: “Now that I think about it, I understand that too.” She would have focused too much on her negative experiences.

In the model flat share, however, self-doubt is rampant: Ana takes Heidi’s criticism to heart again so that tears flow. Romina (21) is struggling with the fact that she still couldn’t get a job. She will get the next opportunity to do this: at the casting for a Europe-wide Dyson beauty campaign, Romina was able to convince the jury with her red hair. “It felt like I was taking off a lead vest. […] This fighting was finally rewarded! ”

Catwalk at a height of 18 meters

But the next task awaits them. Since nudity doesn’t upset any of the models anymore, Heidi chooses a new challenge for the decision walk of the 13th episode: height. The catwalk hovers 18 meters above the ground in a Berlin shooping mall. Bad memories come up especially with Romina. During a height shoot on a skyscraper, she suffered a bad panic attack and vowed not to do that anymore. After her latest success, however, that is no longer an option. She tries to focus on the positive: “Maybe I could survive if I fall …”

Heidi and her brother-in-law Bill Kaulitz (31) decide who is thrown out of “GNTM” this time. “Finally a guest I can hug!” Says Heidi happily about the judge from her own household. When Kaulitz discovered the dizzying catwalk, even he was awestruck: “Oh, I’m glad I don’t have to.” No wonder: the catwalk wobbles with every step, the girls have to “operate” their outfit, which changes by opening a belt. And a little twist would be nice too.

“For me everything was suddenly over”

When it comes to problem child Romina, she just wants to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible. She breathes heavily, but then switches to autopilot and focuses: “For me everything was suddenly off, I no longer felt that it was freezing cold, I no longer felt that I was afraid of heights, it was really cool. And now I never want to go up even three meters again! “, is her relieved summary.

Many of the girls also have a lot of fun at heights. By the way, it’s also about a job that extreme athlete Jochen Schweizer (63) has to offer. Without the girls knowing, he’s looking for the new face for his social media advertising campaign. And decides in favor of the adventurous Yasmin, who floated enthusiastically down the catwalk: “Yasmin is passionate about extraordinary experiences, I have the impression. That goes very well with Jochen Schweizer, of course!”

At the decision-making talks, Bill Kaulitz came out as a big fan of Alex and Soulin: “I can say that now. So you guys are really great!” For Ana, on the other hand, the journey is over, a decision she accepts with the bitterest tears: “I can’t realize it yet. Oh, I can’t even talk,” she sobs.