Germany's next top model: Why some girls can no longer be with her now

Germany's Next Topmodel
Which is why some girls can no longer be with her now

Soulin is one of the favorites

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A candidate seems to be doing everything right on the catwalk, in front of the camera and at the casting – but not everyone can handle it.

The sixth episode of "Germany's Next Top Model" (March 11th, 8:15 pm on ProSieben) starts where it usually ends: on the catwalk. As ice princesses and with artistic "antenna" hairstyles on their heads, the model candidates should strut through a winter landscape of artificial snow and fir trees. Under special circumstances: Photographer Christian Anwander and Heidi Klum (47) explain to the girls beforehand that they will stop them at any time if there is something they do not like about their run.

They also make use of this right. Jasmine (21) struggles with her dress, which gets caught in her shoes with every step. She has no chance and walks across the catwalk with her legs apart and rolling her eyes. "That went really badly wrong once," says Anwander and laughs to himself when Jasmine shows the same bad walk on the way back. "It can't get any worse," she also realizes afterwards. "Really inelegant", Mareike (25) must also hear. And Heidi's darling Alex (23) gets a lot of criticism this time: too little expression for Anwander.

Soulin (20), who has been the season's favorite not only for Heidi for some time, is doing everything right again and is correspondingly self-confident: "I have it." Arch enemy Linda (20) does not like to see that: "She will blow her in the face with her kind." While Soulin hovers confidently over the catwalk and receives compliments from Heidi, it is Linda herself who shortly afterwards brutally lies down during her walk and then no longer finds her concept.

Dispute over high-flyer Soulin

For Dascha (20), Soulin, Romina (21) and Liliana (21), the first casting of the season is due: For Levis, they should tell a little story about themselves in front of the camera on the subject of diversity. Once again, Soulin stands out, laying down a very emotional presentation of her refugee story – and giving the customer "goose bumps". So she has the job and convinces Levis with her naturalness and joy in front of the camera during the subsequent shoot. "It exceeds all expectations", explain the customers enthusiastically.

At home in the model loft it is not easy for everyone to be happy about Soulins' talent. Chanel (20) tells her directly that she thought Romina would get the job. "But then we found out what it was about, the story and such, and then it was clear." Soulin sees herself attacked: "It wasn't about who has the most blatant story, but how you present it," she clarifies. When she hears a little later that some girls claim that they only got the job because they cried, it is enough for her: "If someone has a problem with me, tell me that in the face!" Whereupon her anti-fan club, led by Chanel and Linda, only laughs mockingly and starts new attacks of blasphemy behind her back: "Unbelievable, the madman is there full of speech …"

But actually there is no time for such discussions: next is the sedcard shoot. "That is very important because these photos will go around the world," Heidi increases the pressure. Soulin tries hard to steer her energies in the right direction despite arguments with her competitors. "I have an advantage, but you should never be sure and always really give your best, you never know when it will be tight". She does the shooting again with her left hand, again much to Linda's displeasure, who clings to the thought: "Every high-altitude flight is over at some point."

Linda on rehab

Or maybe Linda is just so argumentative because she is currently struggling with withdrawal: there are probably no more cigarettes in the model loft. After the shoot, she asks Heidi directly if she can get her cigarettes. She was very surprised at the unusual request and replied with a laugh: "If I were to buy cigarettes for my little model babies, where are we going?" When it comes to nicotine addiction, Linda doesn't seem to care much about whether or not to get kicked out. "If I … today … just suppose … where are you going, to the hotel? Will I get tips there?", She asks herself above all in the backstage. In fact, despite addiction and falling, she manages to get on one more lap. However, she is even more pleased that she was allowed to listen to the criticism of Liliana live: "That was such a satisfaction, that was so great." Model or not – she doesn't seem to be aware of her impact in front of the GNTM camera.

In the end, only one is thrown out who has so far hardly been noticed: Miriam (24), who previously worked as a model. "A little too much," fears the jury, given that the poses look too posed and rehearsed. "I'm looking for someone with personality, with corners, with edges" is Heidi's main point of criticism. "Miriam takes it easy:" I know that my career is not over now … "