Getting rid of pimples: The fastest helpers

It doesn’t take much to get rid of pimples. BRIGITTE shows you what works the quickest and how you can fight pimples in the long term.

Pimples are normal and part of life. But some of them are just too stubborn and can quickly develop into acne scars if they cause too much inflammation. We’ll show you how to prevent pimples, what to do when they appear, which home remedies help and how to effectively cover up the nasty red spots.

How do pimples form?

Pimples appear faster than you can see. But how can they appear so quickly? The reason for this is a Bacterial strain with the melodic name Cutibacterium acnes. This is found in the sebum produced by the skin and thus provides the skin with different triggers for the unpleasant inflammations. Well-known triggers are, for example Stress, genetic predisposition, hormonal changes (stopping the pill, pregnancy, etc.) or even an incorrect diet with highly processed foods. There are also foods that promote pimples, such as milk and dairy products, as well as sugar or certain grains. If the intestinal health is out of balance, it can quickly show on our skin. Doing a temporary intestinal cleanse every now and then can produce good results. It is best to consult your family doctor about this.

Preventing pimples: How to take proper care of your skin

The right skincare routine is the most important thing to not only take care of your skin, but also to prevent pimples or to declare war on them. This starts with cleansing. Do not choose an aggressive cleansing gel that will only put more strain on your skin. A Cleaning product from a sensitive series, for example from the drugstore. Good cosmetic products don’t have to be expensive. Check it using one Pore ​​Clogging Toolswhether there are ingredients in the product that can clog your pores. Because we want to avoid that as much as possible.

Put the washing lotion you have chosen into your previously washed hands and dissolve it with circular movements Makeup residue and dirt for 60 seconds. You can also try the double cleansing method, where you first do one Oil Cleanser used and then a water-based one to remove the oil and the dirt it loosened. However, this is not suitable for sensitive skin as too much care irritates the skin.

An antiseptic toner helps keep inflammation at bay or even prevent it. This prevents pimples from forming in the first place. Apply the toner with a cotton pad or your hands tap it gently. Then choose a serum as needed. Either with ceramides or Centella Asiatica (CICA) to strengthen the skin barrier or with hyaluronic acid or aloe vera gel for more moisture.

A gentle moisturizing fluid or one Cream with 5% urea content ensure that the skin is well nourished. The more moisture the skin has, the less likely it is to get pimples.

The fastest help for pimples

Pimples are annoying. And that’s why you want to get rid of them quickly. There are many tips for severe acne, but they only help individually. There is no one tip that works for everyone because every skin is unique. However, there are a few small immediate helpers that make life with pimples easier. Be at the top of the list Anti-pimple patches. Hardly any remedy is as effective as the small patches, which usually contain salicylic acid. This is particularly effective in the fight against active pimples. If you put it on the painful pimple overnight, you will already have relief in the morning. Another miracle weapon is Zinc ointmentThe white paste works effectively if you dab it generously onto the affected area. Feel free to use a cotton swab to avoid adding any more bacteria to the pimple. The zinc will draw the inflammation out of the pimple within a few hours, so that it no longer hurts as much. The redness will also be reduced somewhat.

5 home remedies for pimples


Excessive sebum production is often the problem with pimples. This is where turmeric comes into play, because the magical substance regulates production and also has anti-inflammatoryTake turmeric daily either in the form of tea or as a powder in capsules. A small turmeric treatment until the container is empty can help reduce inflammation and start the healing process of the skin, especially in the case of acne.

Organic honey

Honey is not only delicious and a great substitute for sugar. It also works on pimples and acne, as it anti-inflammatory properties owns and the Stimulates the healing process. You can simply apply the honey thinly as a mask and wash it off thoroughly and gently with lukewarm water after five to 10 minutes.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is not just extreme moisturizingit is also anti-inflammatoryThis is why the plant is often used for sunburns to support the skin’s healing process. You can apply the aloe vera gel to the entire skin; even areas without pimples will benefit from the natural care.

Chamomile steam bath

A steam bath uses the warm water vapor to loosen the pores so that the sebum and dirt stored in them can drain away more easily. The chamomile it contains also works antiseptic. To do this, you can simply heat a pot of water and let two tea bags develop their aroma. Hold your head over the facial steam bath for a maximum of ten minutesand your skin will be softer.

Green tea

Like turmeric, green tea has a fascinating effect from the inside out. He counteracts inflammatory processes and ensures with its antimicrobial properties to ensure that the condition of your skin improves. Drink a cup of the tea in the morning for a week and you will notice improvements.

Cover pimples properly

We don’t have to be ashamed of pimples, but you still can’t completely avoid this feeling. Sure, according to Instagram and general society, you’re only pretty if you have flawless skin. Pimples don’t fit in there and are almost more frowned upon than wrinkles. But these are not plausible reasons to be ashamed of it. And if you want to cover the pimple, it doesn’t mean that you are fundamentally ashamed of it, but rather that you want to forget for a few hours what sometimes causes you a little crisis. And that’s ok too. Acceptance and short-term, loving repression harmonize. That’s why our editorial beauty expert Melanie has a few great tips for you on how to cover your pimples all day long:

  1. Tip: “I would say it depends on what stage it is in. If it is slightly wet, then first apply a thin layer of transparent powder, high-coverage matte concealer (preferably from a pot so that it does not dry out) and then another thin layer of powder. If it is extremely visible, then apply another powder foundation on top.”
  2. Tip: “If it’s already healing, you can skip the first layer of powder. It’s just there to stop the product from slipping over it. As a final step, of course, apply a good setting spray.”
  3. Tip: First, apply a clear pimple gel to the affected area – it dries like an invisible pimple patch. The gel from Fenty Beauty is a good helper here. Then you simply apply make-up over it. The pimple is protected from the outside world and can heal.”

Extra tip: “I would advise against overly moisturizing, rich oil-based concealers when covering.”

If the tips don’t work for you, we also have one from beauty creator Maxim Giacomo:

  1. Step: Spray fixing spray onto a brush and dab the product onto the pimple.
  2. Step: Apply a small pump of primer to the pimple and press gently – do not wipe.
  3. Step: After drying, use a green concealer to balance out the red.
  4. Step: Now comes the nude concealer that is similar to your skin tone.
  5. Step: Fix everything again with the spray.

The biggest pimple myths

There are now many myths surrounding the topic of pimples. But they are nothing more than that. We show you the biggest lies about acne and pimples.

  1. Toothpaste helps: For a long time we were told that the toothpaste could also help with spots and acne and simply make everything disappear. But the opposite is actually the case. The substances it contains can attack the skin barrier, inflammation occurs more easily and pimples are inevitable.
  2. Lack of hygiene: Impurities. It’s actually a cheek to associate this word with pimples, because the skin is not fundamentally impure when pimples appear. It’s more about the wrong care, genes, hormones, stress or other skin diseases. People with acne or multiple pimples in particular are meticulous about ridding their skin of everything that can collect on it. But too much care is not good either, because it often results in pimples. The typical result of over-care.
  3. Deep cleaning: Our skin has pores in which inflamed pimples develop. You might therefore think that deep pore cleansing is the miracle cure for acne and pimples. But the natural oils in our skin also have advantages. If we scrub it out of our pores every day, this can quickly lead to the skin drying out, which in turn promotes increased oil production and therefore more pimples. A thorough and, above all, gentle superficial cleansing of the skin for around 60 seconds is completely sufficient. An AHA, BHA or enzyme peeling can be carried out every few days to clean the pores at intervals.
  4. Ice cubes against inflammation: Whether hot or cold – the skin only likes both extremes to a limited extent. Our facial skin is particularly sensitive to large temperature differences. That is why it is often recommended to wash the skin with lukewarm water rather than cold or warm water. If the skin is exposed to extreme cold or heat for too long, the skin condition can worsen as the skin becomes irritated. If you have a fresh, red and inflamed pimple, a short-term treatment with an ice cube can provide just as short-term relief. However, ice cubes are not suitable for ultimately getting rid of the pimple.
  5. Coconut oil has an antibacterial effect: Basically, coconut oil has many benefits and can, for example, contribute well to oral hygiene through oil pulling. However, for acne-prone or oily skin, coconut oil should be considered an enemy because, with a comedogenicity level of 4 to 5, the oil is considered extremely pore-clogging. Instead, it is better to use tea tree oil or castor oil, which you can dilute and add a few drops to your normal cream. Castor oil also has the advantage that it can help reduce pimple marks.


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