Getting up early in winter: It’s easier with the 85:15 rule

Successful morning routine
The 85:15 rule makes it easier to get up early in winter

Anyone who struggles to get out of bed every morning should definitely try the 85:15 rule.


Even if you are not a morning person, the 85:15 rule can help you start the day fitter.

When it’s cold, dark and uncomfortable outside, there’s usually nothing we want more than to snuggle back into our pillows. But there is a trick that makes getting up much easier, even in the uncomfortable half of the year.

Getting up made easy (easier) – thanks to this simple rule

The 85:15 rule helps you jump out of bed in the morning with much more energy – and start the day with a much better feeling. What exactly is behind it and how you can best implement it, we show you in the video.

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