GGST: A nation at the top of the Africa/Middle East/Europe region

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The Strive Cup, a competition organized by Damascus has come to an end. For four weeks national teams (or alliance between several countries like the team of North Africa, Israel / Turkey or Belgium / Netherlands etc ..) confronted each other on the last title from Arc System Works. Finally there is only one left, and it was not necessarily the most expected.

Fantastic Saudi Arabia

It would be tempting to sum up the performance of Saudi Arabia to that of its two stars Latif the captain, and Slash. Both players have been mainstays of the team, carrying the team through most games. However, this would not do justice to the other players, be it Boomano and his Potemkin, decisive in the final match of group D against the Israel / Turkey alliance as well as in the quarter-final against North Africa, or again SSF and his Chipp Zanuff. The latter has also accomplished much more than a role of luxury joker. He was decisive in the matches against Scandinavia (Norway/Sweden) and against the United Arab Emirates, before sublimating himself during the last set of the final where he beat the captain of the United Kingdom: Mystic.

Latif and Slash were expected at the turn. The two qualified for the EMEA finals of the ARCREVO (official Guilty Gear solo circuit) are already feared by most of the top players on the game. Slash often acted as the anchor on the team, only returning for the deciding match to close out the game. He only lost one set in the competition, finishing in 10 FT3 wins against 1 loss. Sa May made an impression and established himself as one of the top players in the region. And just above him is Latif. This player is a real monster, having conceded nothing in the whole tournament. If tomorrow Zato finds himself at the top of the tier list, you can be sure that it will be partly because of him. Even when faced with disadvantageous match-ups, he has always managed to get away with it, and Guilty Gear players will have nightmares imagining themselves trapped in the corner facing him.

Low guard, high guard, Latif will find the flaw.

The other players who marked the competition

This competition was memorable thanks to the winners of course, but some of their opponents deserve a tribute. Skyll the captain of the France team is one of the other players not to have lost any FT3 of the whole tournament. The only regret viewers may have is that he didn’t face either Latif or Slash in the game against Saudi Arabia. Our Belgian neighbors can be proud of Bela, whose May also impressed the crowd during the group stage. Germany were also among the favourites, and AnBi (Sol) like TrueDevin (Ramlethal) more than held their rank. On the Spanish side, Uriel Legion and his Nagoriyuki, as well as Genisgod and his Ramlethal were present for the majority of the tournament, before losing to the United Kingdom. But it was probably Patata Salvaje who was the revelation of the tournament on the Hispanic side, saving his team twice thanks to his control of Ky. If Portugal did not hold as a nation, Zeno and his Happy Chaos were also formidable adversaries. Among the Italians, Nelkhael also demonstrated all his talent on Ramlethal. Finally the United Kingdom made an impression with BarryBones and Mystic, two Axl players. They were also among the only ones in the tournament to successfully play two characters (Leo for BarryBones, Nagoriyuki for Mystic), also with WhiteBl4ck from the France team (Sol/Chipp).

Charisma Character Faust - Guilty Gear Strive
Faust, character of charisma

Further from our direct borders, the Israel/Turkey team also won the hearts of the spectators, with the Ramlethal of their captain Zando (also undefeated during the tournament), but above all JuxtaPoser’s Faust, the doctor’s only player in the competition. His matches have always been hyped, thanks to this unpredictable character. On the African side, the Senegalese Verix also showed his skills on Nagoriyuki, even joining a professional team during the competition. Further to the northeast, the Russian Kurokich also lived up to the expectations placed on him thanks to his Nagoriyuki.

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