Ghost of Tsushima on drugs – this insider tip is completely crazy!

Fancy a real insider tip? Then prick up your ears! Take some Ghost of Tsushima and pack it all into a GTA gangster town. And then you drop a big WTF tank in and out comes this game: Katana Zero.

WTF moments, slow motion, kill bill vibes – play this game, thank me later!

Admittedly, Ghost of Tsushima and Katana Zero have nothing in common at first glance except for the samurai. That’s not true! In both games you can really shred it and feel like a blade god. Just come in Katana Zero yet Slow motion, bullet deflection and lots of WTF moments to.

In this game you slip into the role of a contract killer who has to eliminate various criminals for his psychiatrist. Wrap your controller or other control device in cotton wool, because you will die a lot in this game. But every death makes you your better warrior. In addition, the high level of difficulty encourages you to be creative and to solve even the most difficult situations with just a few strokes. Just like Ghost of Tsushima, only on drugs!

In the trailer below you can get an impression of the chaos in Katana Zero for yourself:

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What do your nightmares mean? Who are the Power Rangers chasing you? And who are you really? Questions upon questions, fight upon fight, death upon death – Katana Zero will delight you for a long time, you on one side with melancholic moments enchant and on the other hand with nerve-wracking twists disturb.

It’s also a game with attention to detail and whimsical idiosyncrasies. To give you an example: The hero needs for each mission an appropriate soundtrack on his Walkman (Yes, just like in Baby Driver!). And when the job is done, he goes back to his untidy nerd pad, where noisy neighbors and a curious child are waiting for him. On top of that – the fights are so damn fun. Play smart, play fast, play brutal, and leave the cleaners big mess as your signature.

  • But would you rather catch up on a good “open world” game with lots of cool battles that makes Ubisoft a bit jealous? Treat yourself to Ghost of Tsushima!
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Katana Zero originally released on April 18, 2019 and is now available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. A story full of twists and turns, exciting fights with petty criminals and big final bosses, a great soundtrack and a graphic style to die for. Play this game, thank me later!

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