Giant TV with style: That’s what the Sony XR-75X95K TV offers

The Sony XR-75X95K works with a total of 5,670 mini LEDs with 1,738 candelas per square meter not only an extremely bright onebut also create a very wide viewing angle and high-contrast image.

The total of six ten watt speakers each provide a powerful and clear sound. Two tweeters are responsible for the localization of the sound, two mid-range drivers are directed to the front and two subwoofers provide the sonorous basis. The maximum volume of the television goes well beyond a normal room volume.

In terms of equipment, the Sony XR-75X95K actually provides everything you need: four HDMI sockets are available for external sources, two of which offer full 2.1 support. In addition to 4K transmission at 120 Hertz and the extended audio return channel (eARC), Sony also offers a variable refresh rate (VRR) and an automatic low latency mode (ALLM). Two triple tuners for cable (DVB-C), satellite (DVB-S2) and antenna (DVB-T2) are available for receiving classic television channels.

For a flat screen of its size, the XR-75X95K is quite economical: the TV consumes around 120 watts with standard content, 188 watts with dynamic HDR pictures and just 0.4 watts in standby.

Our verdict at the time of testing:

“Sony’s 75-inch Sony XR-75X95K LCD TV with Mini LED surprises with its wide, contrast-stable viewing angles and high detail resolution. The sound is good, but cannot keep up with the Acoustic Surface of the OLED series. Apart from HDR10+, the Lavish equipment, excellent energy efficiency for this size.”

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