Giffey isn’t glued to her chair

RThe state board of the Berlin SPD spoke for three hours on Monday evening about the party’s miserable performance in the election on Sunday. According to participants, there were no demands for the resignation of the governing mayor and top candidate Franziska Giffey. Giffey herself questioned her previously self-confident claim to continue to govern in the Red City Hall. “I’m not glued to my chair,” she is quoted as saying by participants. Giffey also said publicly after the meeting that the state executive had backed her, but that if the party disagreed, she would not remain in office.

According to the participants, the SPD state chairwoman also made it clear at the meeting that she was still against the expropriation of large real estate groups, which the Berlin Left Party in particular is vehemently demanding, and the Greens, to a lesser extent. “I will not change my position on this,” Giffey is quoted as saying. She also made it clear that there must be changes in the areas of housing construction and transport, but above all in internal security. With this topic, which had become particularly explosive due to the New Year’s Eve riots, the CDU was able to win votes in particular.

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