Gift for midwife: ideas that come from the heart

Gift for the midwife
Warm and creative ideas for a thank you

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No idea for a present for your midwife? No problem, we will present you original ideas that say thank you.

Your midwife accompanies you through the pregnancy, supports you during the birth and is also there for you in the puerperium – and now you want to give something back? If you want to say thank you to your midwife, it is best to pay attention to what your midwife says about yourself (or tries to remember) during your care time in order to get a gift that is as individual as possible. Does she have a particular hobby, does she have a weakness for good coffee or does she love reading? Of course you can also try to sneak out some information secretly ("Would you like some nougat chocolate too? No? Why not, what do you prefer to eat?If you have clues as to what she likes, it will be all the easier to choose a present for her.

Select gifts according to your preferences

Once you have found out what your midwife is interested in, what moves her or what she likes to do in her free time, you can derive a suitable gift from this:

  • Does she like to bake? How about extraordinary cookie cutters?
  • If she is more of a pragmatist, maybe she can Mobile phone holder for the car use. After all, it is constantly in use and may have to be on site quickly.
  • Are you passionate about sports? Theraband, kettlebell or a yoga mat she might like it.
  • If she likes to dig in the ground in her spare time, she could dig Basket with garden tools make her face shine.
  • Do you often mention your stressful everyday life? Then one concerned Neck massager, that is sure to ensure relaxed evenings in the future.

Such gifts tell your midwife that you have really given it some thought and that you want to make someone happy. She will not only be delighted with your gift, but also with your gesture.

Classic gifts

Classic gifts are also not wrong. Especially if you haven't been able to develop a special relationship with her, for example because the midwifery services in the hospital have changed during the course of the birth or your budget is limited.

Classic gift ideas are:

  • Flowers
  • Indoor / garden plant
  • box of chocolates
  • Bottle of sparkling wine / wine

On framed photo from your bundle of luck or from the whole family shows how much you felt comfortable with your midwife. She certainly already has a good collection of pictures, but is guaranteed to be happy about even more offspring … If that's too much for you, give her a birthday card with a photo of your crumbs.

Thank you for those with a sweet tooth

If you know what your midwife likes to eat or drink, a delicious snack basket is just the thing. Fill it with lots of goodies, whether sweet or savory does not matter. It can also be an unusual type of pasta (e.g. with a chilli note or refined with wine) or a selection of different teas. Midwives are on the move a lot, how about a refillable jar full of nerve food?

Personalized for someone special

A personalized gift shows your midwife that you have thought about it. Probably the good soul has already accompanied many pregnancies or babies and already one or the other part of grateful parents are standing around with you. A mug with a name is such a classic, but if you feel like this is the right thing, that shouldn't stop you!

More personalized gift ideas for inspiration:

  • Thermo mug
  • pillow
  • Jute bags
  • Tablet case
  • Embroidered clutch
  • Wooden disc to hang up
  • Wooden heart to hang up
  • Notebook

How do you best personalize the presents? For example with the first name of the midwife, your child, a funny or nice saying ("midwife with a heart") or a personal dedication.

Homemade comes from the heart

If you take the time to make a present yourself, you are saying: "You are important to me!" – so exactly the right thing for your midwife.

DIY ideas for gifts:

  • Self-designed flower pot (e.g. painted with blackboard paint or hand lettered)
  • Paint porcelain with a thank you or an inside joke
  • Canvas with footprint and baby name
  • Crochet animal or emoji (this is how you can crochet a smiley face)
  • Bake cakes (or pralines, macarons, …)
  • Preserves
  • liqueur
  • Here you can find more gifts from the kitchen

Even if it is not you, but your father, sister or a friend who take on this task for you, it hardly makes a difference. You thought about it and asked someone to help you. And that person also takes the time, so a double thank you ?.

Experience + voucher = joy

A pregnancy and the following birth are certainly an incredibly exciting experience for mother and midwife. But of course there is also a lot more to discover! And there is a huge selection of adventure gifts – there is something for every taste:

  • A connoisseur receives a voucher for their favorite restaurant or ice cream parlor in town
  • For the more adventurous there is a visit to the high ropes course
  • The bookworm is happy about a voucher for a (local) bookseller
  • For the health-conscious you pay for a meditation course
  • Those who are close to nature will delight you with an alpaca hike

Virtual experiences

If experiences in another location are (currently) not possible, online events step in as an alternative:

  • Escape game
  • Wine / whiskey / beer tasting
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Painting course
  • Photo workshop

Of course, it doesn't have to be an experience, a voucher for an online shop or retail store also works, whether for Fashion, decoration or an unpackaged shop. Or you can give a fuel voucher – as I said, midwives are on the road a lot!

Looking for more inspiration? You will certainly find what you are looking for in the BRIGITTE community.